5 Ways to Ace Your Upcoming Presentation

Written by Sophia Yu
Graphics by Sheena Dy

One of the inevitable things in life, aside from the natural course of mankind, would be giving presentations. Be it an academic presentation, a business presentation, or a casual presentation, we can’t help but feel nervous and unprepared for it – and that’s okay! Presentations are necessary to share our ideas and thoughts in a clear way to an audience, and having a good presentation is important to properly convey the message to them. Having that in mind, here are five ways to ace your upcoming presentation!

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  1. Do your research.

The word “research” might sound tedious and boring to you, but being prepared pays off in the long run. First, find out who your audience is. Place yourself in the audience’s perspective – what do you want to know about the subject? Who are the important people in the audience?

Second, research on the topic you’ll be presenting. It’s important to know the background of what you’ll be presenting about to have a good foundation, like the history of the company.

Lastly, if your presentation allows for it, prepare visuals so you can explain your points thoroughly and maintain your listeners’ attention. Don’t make boring PowerPoints – be creative, but remain professional.

Also, remember to research on your talk’s location in advance. Familiarize yourself with the area or room. You don’t want to get lost or overwhelmed by the venue on the day of the presentation! It also helps to research on the traffic flow and the weather forecast to properly prepare for any outcome.

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  1. Eat the right food.

You don’t want to deal with a stomachache or a headache while presenting. Avoid taking in too much caffeine. Instead, fill up on healthy food like fruits and vegetables that will perk you up! Don’t starve yourself because of your nervousness. It’s important to have a good meal – nothing too light or too heavy – before the presentation so that you’ll have enough energy for your talk.

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  1. Practice on friends and family — or even on inanimate objects!

It’s easier to give a presentation when you’re in a familiar environment with people you know and trust. Get a family member or a good friend (or even your dog!) to listen to your presentation. Ask for tips on how you can improve or simply practice away to ease your nervousness! If you’re shy, try recording yourself using a voice recorder or on camera and play it back to note your mistakes and errors. Remember, practice makes progress!

And on the day of the presentation, imagine giving the presentation to your loved ones to ease your nervousness; mind over matter!

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  1. Have a good night’s rest.

The night before any presentation is a challenge because of the impending thoughts of the next day’s presentation. However, having a good night’s rest can really make a difference. Be confident that you’ve prepared enough of your material and don’t cram! You’ve prepared enough for the material, so you can take a break and relax a little. Prepare your clothes and materials needed the night before, and sleep off the nervousness.

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  1. Dress to impress. 

Last, but not least: give priority to your appearance. A neat and smart appearance speaks volumes. How you look can make or break a presentation, so make sure you look clean and you’re appropriately dressed.

You can command respect in the room while projecting confidence and professionalism. Brush your teeth, comb your hair, dress smartly, and don’t forget to smile!

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Follow these ways to achieve a fool-proof successful presentation that will surely leave a memorable mark. Remember, if all else fails, the important thing is to stay calm and remain professional. Good luck with your presentation!

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