Spectre Has Every Essential For The Modern Filipino Gentleman

It’s not true that gentlemen are a dying breed. In fact, there’s been a resurge of the classics in one’s everyday style, from the revival of rockabilly haircuts by barbers to the popularity of investment pieces such as watches. Gone are the days when one would simply go to a tailor to have a suit made “for a wedding” or any formal event — well-groomed men with refined sartorial taste are now all around the metro!

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So whether you’re a man with a penchant for the finer things, or a dude getting introduced to the whole menswear shebang, you can find every essential to cop that sharp, James Bond-esque look at Spectre.

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Spectre is a premier lifestyle concept store that caters to Metro Manila’s modern gentleman. It is essentially a man cave, a space that indulges men in the elements of sophistication. The store has every quintessential feature that make up a well-heeled man: there’s a bespoke suit shop, leather goods, a classic barbershop, and a whiskey bar. Basically, if Barney Stinson had died and gone to heaven, Spectre would probably be it. Here are some of the exciting things to look forward to at Spectre:

5. Barbershop by Union Station

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Spectre has also banded together big names from the men’s lifestyle industry to create a haven for menswear: Union Station is at the helm of the barbershop, housing the best barbers to bring the classic grooming experience, with a modern touch. They’re also introducing a unique concept called singeing, which uses flames to remove ear hair, a service for the bold and brave.

4. Range of dashing suits from Tiño

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Another recognizable partner is Tiño Suitsthe first and only haberdashery that offers bespoke suits in the country. A bespoke suit is the hallmark of a true gentleman: it’s an investment piece that is specifically tailored for the individual wearer. Bespoke suits have patterns created from scratch, made to fit the exact specifications of an individual’s body so the suit fits, moves, and falls on his body perfectly.

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Spectre carries Tiño’s ready-to-wear and made-to-measure line, which ensures a perfectly fitting suit in HALF the time! Their staff will help you pick a suit closest to your size while making adjustments to fit your body. You may choose purchase to purchase the suit immediately after adjusting, or have it customized with a selection of 100% wool fabrics. You can also choose to modify certain details such as the lapel style, and the number of buttons.

3. Leather goods and suit accessories by well-known international brands

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Spectre also carries the finest leather goods, which would add more panache to your suit — they carry the top-tier British shoe brand Loake, offering the finest selection of brogues and oxfords to your liking.

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Spectre also houses leather products from Urbantraveller.co, including well-known brands such as Secrid and Vocier  for one’s bag and wallet needs. Aside from that, the store also has various essential suit accessories such as shirts, cufflinks, pocket squares, tie bars, and watches from SevenFriday and REC.

2. Grooming items for the gentleman


Liquid perfumes just won’t do for men. Solid colognes pack in more fragrance and are easy to carry around. Spectre offers solid colognes by Fulton & Roark, giving the traditional perfume an update by having its solid form housed in a refillable swivel case. You can bring it with you everywhere, even to the airport.

1. A working whiskey bar

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What’s a man cave without a whiskey bar? Spectre will be housing some of the finest whiskey, available for purchase through shot or bottle, and also comes with some barbershop services.


Whether you need to “suit up” for whatever occasion, or simply looking to indulge in a refined lifestyle, Spectre has everything you need.


2nd Floor 916 Luna Mencias Street, Addition Hills, Mandaluyong

(02)725 – 3066