The Spectre Supreme Cut is Quite an Experience!

Words by Fe Esperanza Trampe

The regular haircut is but a routine. You go to your local barbershop, sit down on a stool, have your hair trimmed, and leave. There are a dozen other things for you to busy yourself with, and a haircut need not be one of them.

Why not pause the experience rather than putting it on fast forward? At Spectre Manila, your monthly visit to the barber can be more than just a trim and cut. Change up your look and level up the experience while you’re at it.

Spectre 11

Sit back, relax, and have your hair cut and styled just the way you like it – with a glass of alcohol in hand. We’re breaking down what the Spectre experience is like, and once we’re done, we’re sure you’re going to want to try it out for yourself.

Spectre 10

The Spectre Supreme Cut is just one of Spectre’s many services, but it’s definitely the one that will give you the full gentleman’s experience.

The Drink

One of the first things that will greet you once you open the doors of this modern Batcave is its glorious bar. You may be there for some routine grooming, but you’re also there to relax. Real men unwind with a glass of whisky in their hand. Or two.


The Spectre Supreme Cut comes with a complimentary glass of an alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) drink. Chug it all down before entering the barbershop proper, or take your sweet time in letting it sink. The choice is yours.

The Haircut


You’ve had the appetiser; now it’s time for the main course. Converse with your barber on what look will work best for you. For the next few minutes, he will be the Michelangelo to the Sistine Chapel that is your hair.

The Hair Cleanse


Let warm water wash away all of your worries for a good few minutes. Spectre uses only the best products for your hair. There’s no need to bother yourself with lathering and rinsing. They’ll do it for you.

The Massage


You’re here to relax – and what’s more relaxing than a massage? It may only last a few minutes, but it will feel like forever with how deep Spectre’s attendants dig in to your core. We know the seat is comfy and the masseuse is hitting all the right spots, but you’re not actually in heaven. You’re in Spectre.

The Drying Process


It’s been quite a ride, and the team at Spectre want you to leaves the shop fresh and dry. They want your new hair to look its best and they’ll be more than happy to dry it for you.

The Styling


Like we said, your hair is a work of art. A cut is not enough. After you’re clean and dry, your barber will style your hair for you using only the best matte and pomade wax products. They’ll show you how to do it yourself on those days you won’t be able to drop by at Spectre.


If you find the need to take home these grooming essentials, Spectre has stocks and stocks of products from the London Grooming Company and Percy Nobleman available for purchase.

The Singeing

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, stray hairs can’t be avoided. Spectre has thus adapted the simple but effective technique of ear-singeing to make sure there are no unnecessary hairs in your new look when you leave.


Don’t let the fire fool you. It’s not nearly as hot as you are now.

The Cologne

Now here’s one for the road. It’s just a spritz, but it will last you through the night. It’s a small thank you for having had quite the experience at Spectre.


Marvin Duran, 22: a gentleman Bruce Wayne would be proud of.

Who knew getting a haircut could be quite the experience? At Spectre, everything is. You don’t have to stop with just your hair, either. You can change up your whole look with suits, ties, bags, and watches. Spectre has it all.

Drop by Spectre and have a drink. It will be the first of many.

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