5 Student Freelancers on Taking a Chance on Their Passions

Words by Mikaela Chu / Photos by Eunick Nobe

There is no doubt that passion, in all its forms, is what leads to the progress and growth of an individual. Passion allows us to create art. In today’s time and age, art is an essential part of being human. It is what we live for and live by.

That is why these millennials have chosen to pursue their passions in their respective fields. For these artists, it’s not about giving everything up to do what they love, but more of finding it in themselves to open up a new door – one that may be risky yet allows their passions to reach and serve a grander purpose for other people.

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Sofia Bravo, Image Stylist

Email: sofiabravo.mua@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sofiabravo.mua

Instagram: @sofiabravo.mua

“Make criticism and negativity your reasons to step up your game. Show anyone who has ever doubted you that you can do it; live the day by learning, growing, and improving.”

Sofia identifies herself as an image stylist. She provides services for her clients by enhancing their features and helping them achieve the looks or styles that they are after. More specifically, she does the makeup of her clients for events like debuts, weddings, runways, and photo shoots. She has had gigs with The Heart At Play Runway Speciale and the launching of The Philippine Cancer Society’s The Best Dressed Women of the Philippines.

According to Sofia, one of the biggest apprehensions she has faced when delving into the freelance world is the assumption that she is an amateur because of her young age. “You are never too young to do anything,” says Sofia. It may seem like a giant leap of faith, but doing her passion reminds her of her purpose and allows her to make other people happy.

Jarold Coojacinto, Photographer

Email: jarold_coo@yahoo.com.ph

Instagram: @jroldcoo

“It may be difficult at times, but everything will be worth it as long as you have the passion and determination.”

Jarold is a freelance photographer who previously worked on projects with Shell Philippines, White Caps Co., and The Heart At Play Foundation. He also shoots with different models and captures his travels through photography. When asked about his experience on taking a chance on his passion of photography, he says, “My passion for photography is not as easy as it may seem. Finding my own style did not simply take a week or so.

With this, he believes that there is still so much more to learn about the various techniques used in landscape and portrait photography. He hopes to continue to assist his clients in achieving what they need. By doing this, he sees that working as a freelancer is a step in the right direction.

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Nicole Saavedra, DJ


“Life is all about passion. We have to find the things that we truly love as these motivate us to do better until we succeed.”

Photo from Nic Saavedra

Nic is a freelance DJ who spins for different parties and events. She has gigs in night clubs and bars like The Palace Pool Club, Privé, Hideout, URBN QC, and Black Market. She was also part of the lineup for the Neverland Manila After Party. Before all that, though, she faced difficulties of her own in establishing her name as a DJ. It wasn’t easy to score gigs, but continuous marketing led her to take on bigger events.

According to Nic, “Most people assume that DJ’s simply play music and have an easy job. This, however, is a false perception.” Being a DJ entails so much more. It takes skill, and it involves testing the crowd’s preference, ensuring good music, and producing smooth transitions from one song to another. Ultimately, the goal is to give each individual a sense of happiness. In spite of all these apprehensions, Nic finds no regrets in her choice to pursue her passion for music.

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Alexis Wang, Photographer

Email: wangalexisc@gmail.com

Instagram: @wangofakind

“At the end of the day, we don’t really know what the future will hold, so might as well take a chance on doing what you love… You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.”

Alexis is a freelance photographer who works with clients in shoots for different brands, and she is also a widely-known photographer in her school campus for covering a number of its events. She has covered brands and events like Lahoni Swimwear, Stamps by Christine Dy, and The Heart At Play. As an artist, she views her style as versatile, working around the client’s identity while adding her own touch. In building her own brand as a photographer, she shares, “You can’t really find who you truly are as a photographer immediately because it really is a learning process.

There were brief moments when she doubted her passion, but the sole purpose of story-telling is what prevails up until now. The possibilities that this job entails are endless; you are given the opportunity to work with stylists, makeup artists, and models, which leaves you with a deeper appreciation for all kinds of artists.

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Aleksa Meily, Photographer

Email: aleksameily@yahoo.com

Instagram: @aleksameily

“I said to myself happily, this is what I want to keep doing for the rest of my life.”

Aleksa is a freelance fashion photographer. Every project is always a different experience for Aleksa, which is why she describes her work is exhilarating. She has had the chance to collaborate with different bloggers, fashion brands, and even 2015 Philippine Fashion Week. When asked about the difficulties faced when starting her own brand as a freelancer, she shares that she has had the most challenging time putting herself out in the world without fear.

Aleksa has always gone for her unusual style despite possible criticism, but that has definitely allowed her to stand out from her peers. Throughout her time as a freelancer, she says the best part of her job is being able to capture people’s golden moments. Those self-fulfilling learning experiences have made it all worth it for her since day 1, and are enough to ensure that photography is a constant in her life. She believes that the best thing you can do to pursue your passion is to simply give it a shot.

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