LOOK: This Girl Combines Her Passion and Profession To Create Syringe Art

Are you an economist who is passionate about dancing or a mathematician who loves poetry? Do you feel like your passion and profession are in two opposite poles?

Worry not because Kimberly Joy Magbanua, a nurse and an artist from Valladolid, Negros Occidental, shows us how to combine two conflicting fields through art.

Kimberly shared that she has been creating art since childhood and that she knows how to create pieces using different kinds of medium. However, an idea came upon her two years ago while she was giving medications to her patients. She thought of merging two things she loves most into what she calls “syringe art”. Since then, she started using syringes as her tools not just in her medical career but also in the field of arts.

“I think, I just want to collide my profession and my passion.”, 
she shared. When asked how she manages to balance these two, she answered, “Though there are times that my shifts are so stressful and toxic, I still have time to do my art because it is my comfort zone. Art feeds my soul.”

Just like Kimberly, may we also be able to pursue our professions and live our passions.

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