5 Instant Beauty Fixes for the Summer

5 Instant Beauty Fixes for the Summer

5. Laser Hair Removal

Are you still one of the many people who shave? Or have you gone to the next level with waxing? How about trying something that can permanently remove your hair in an instant!  Laser underarm treatments are now available in so many places, but even after a number of sessions, underarm hair still usually grows back, just like with waxing. I’ve recently discovered Palomar Laser for the underarms though, and compared to machines used in most clinics, it immediately removes all your underarm hair in one session. If you want a permanent effect, you only need 6 sessions to do so.

5 Instant Beauty Fixes for the Summer

You might be wondering why some clinics offer “Unlimited Permanent Hair Removal Sessions.” It’s because they know it will grow back, and you’ll come back. If you want something quick and permanent, I highly suggest getting it done at clinics with Palomar Laser.

Palomar is a very expensive type of laser machine that, unlike cheap IPLs in the market, you only need to take four sessions at a maximum. After that, hair is gone FOREVER. This saves you the cost and trouble of having to go through multiple ineffective treatments.


4. RF Body Contouring

Everyone wants to be bikini beach ready right? Like many, I also do follow a lifestyle coupled with a healthy diet and regular exercise. However, we all have trouble areas that no matter how much we work on, the fat just won’t budge! Can relate? You can get rid of your pesky love handles in an instant by undergoing an RF Body Contouring, like I did.

5 Instant Beauty Fixes for the Summer

According to Dr. Kyla of Skin Philosophie Clinic, at least 6 to 10 treatments 3 to 4 days apart are needed to deliver more obvious results. Just like in tummy tuck and liposuction, the Therma-Conductive Body Sculpting Treatment has to be coupled with diet and exercise for you to keep the fat off. RF destroys fat that is already there, but if you keep on overeating, new fat will be deposited.

5 Instant Beauty Fixes for the SummerBefore

5 Instant Beauty Fixes for the SummerAfter

5 Instant Beauty Fixes for the Summer

Yup. I’d definitely go back to complete all my RF tummy tightening sessions. I hope it addresses my post-pregnancy stretchmarks, too!

3. Acne Injections

It’s horrifying to wake up with a huge zit days before your prom, graduation, or any big occasion, for that matter. Not even the best makeup can conceal it if it’s huge. Fear not! Skin Philosophie has a quick fix for you. Injection of an anti-inflammatory agent directly into the pimple flattens the blemish in 24 hours. It can definitely save your social life!


2. Face Contouring

Are you curious what treatments the celebrities are doing to achieve symmetrical and well-contoured faces? How did they manage to get a smaller face, get rid of the double chins, and achieve a well-defined jawline? I initially thought they did invasive facial surgeries to do it! Because of my muscle and bone structure, my chin lacks definition and my face doesn’t register too well in photos. For most of us, we have to find our perfect angle to get that flattering shot. Thank goodness there’s Intra-Therma Face & Neck Sculpting (also known as RF, Thermage, etc.).

5 Instant Beauty Fixes for the SummerAfter 1 day

While we can’t change it 100%, there is a way to improve our facial symmetry in only one session! And the change lasts up to 1 year. AMAZING. It works right after treatment, and will significantly improve further after one week, and one month into progression.

5 Instant Beauty Fixes for the SummerAfter one month (one treatment only)

1. Heliocare Color

Look blemish-free while protecting yourself from the harmful rays of the sun with this 2-in-1 product. Heliocare Color is a non-comedogenic foundation-concealer and sunblock at the same time. Forget the old way of applying sunscreen and makeup separately.

It  hides blemishes while protecting you from cutaneous photoaging. It is best for daily use. Plus, its mattifying property makes it ideal for normal to oily skin.

The Light color variant is for those who want to achieve a medium color tone: neither too light nor too tanned. The Fair color variant, on the other hand, is for those who want their skin to appear lighter in complexion.

5 Instant Beauty Fixes for the Summer

All these instant beauty services are usually available  at an aesthetics center near you. But as for myself, I’m a loyal client of Skin Philosophie Clinic.


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