Waxing 101: 6 Painless Tips From The Experts

Waxing 101: 6 Painless Tips From The Experts

Beauty is natural, so let it be unspoiled by man. However, there’s nothing wrong with the choice to maintain the fuzz, either. When it comes to hygiene, a beauty regimen or curiosity, one can attest that waxing may just be your best bet for hair removal.

Much much more affordable than laser treatments, waxing tends to come with a flinching factor – the pain perceived with every ‘rrriiiiippp‘. In reality, though, waxing doesn’t need to be torturous. It all depends on the expert hands of your wax handler. Tired of all that unnecessary pain, I sought some tips from beauticians on how to make waxing a more pleasant experience.

Waxing Tips

Waxing 101: 6 Painless Tips From The Experts

6. SCRUB hairy areas.

Prior to waxing and after your skin has recovered from the session (this could last 1 to 3 days, depending on skin sensitivity), experts recommend scrubbing areas prone to thicker hair growth. Scrubbing not only rids the epidermal areas of dead skin cells, but also promotes natural hair growth. It’s also a great way to prevent irritating ingrown hairs from popping up!

5. Wax regularly.

Although painful the first few times, your skin will tolerate the process better in time. After each session, your hair regrows thinner and finer and thus becomes easier to remove. Also, regular waxing strips off the dead skin most responsible for darker skin (especially in your underarms). So, aim to get a wax at least once a month. Even beauty queen Shamcey Supsup waxes religiously.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Knowing that whoever’s handling your delicate areas is a veteran at her craft will put your mind at ease. So, speak up and don’t be shy about it. It’s your body, after all. Ask questions about hygiene, sanitation, and even wax composition and its origins if you want to.

.Waxing Tips

3. Choose warm wax over cold wax.

This would hold especially true if it’s your first time waxing or if you have sensitive skin. There’s a misconception that warm wax may be too hot on the epidermis, but a good waxing salon knows how to regulate wax temperature. Your waxer should also be open enough to ask you if you can handle the temperature. The mild heat should reduce the pain while opening your pores for more effective hair removal.

Waxing Tips

2. Exfoliate a few days before.

If you’re anticipating a wax within the week, exfoliate at least 3 days beforehand. Ideally, you should choose a natural exfoliate like sugar that’s easy on the skin. Or, opt for all-natural products like Bare Skin Waxing Studio‘s homemade scrub. You can start exfoliating the area 3 days after your actual wax, as well.

1. Wear comfortable clothes.

Choose light and breezy fabrics that don’t stick to the skin. Imagine having to fit into jeggings after a Brazilian wax. Torture. If you’re a Brazilian first-timer, opt for a skirt or cotton shorts instead.

Waxing 101: 6 Painless Tips From The Experts