4 Local Craft Beers for Your Drinking Sessions

Who doesn’t love having drinks with good ol’ friends? And though we have our own favorites and the staples, there are many other local beers you can and should try. There are different flavors, alcohol content, and ways of enjoying different kinds of beers. Set aside your favorites for now. Here are other craft beers you should try out on your next drinking session.

4. Summer Sessions by Craftpoint Brew

Craftpoint Brew carries different kinds of beers depending on your taste preference. If you like something light and a little sweet, you can try their Summer Sessions Blonde Ale. It has hints of passionfruit and a little ginger taste at the end. It is best paired with salads, chicken, fish, bread, or cheese.

Craftpoint Brew

Craftpoint Brew

3. Fish Rider Pale Ale by Joe’s Brew

Founded in 2012, Joe’s Brew is one of the usual craft beers you see in bars. The Fish Rider Pale Ale has a strong and flavorful taste with a copper color. Though the smell is citrusy, the taste is similar to grapefruit and is perfectly paired with your favorite steak or any red meat.

Fish Rider Pale Ale

Joe’s Brew

2. Indio Pale Ale by Katipunan Craft

This is actually one of the first craft beers I’ve tried. And if it wasn’t for the name, I would have confused this one for an imported beer. It’s citrusy, with a little bitter after taste. According to the owners, it is best enjoyed in a glass, not iced and not too cold.

5 Local Craft Beers for your Drinking Sessions

Katipunan Craft

1. Lumad Lager by Fat Pauly’s

From Iligan City, Fat Pauly crafts lagers and ales that will surely change your outlook when it comes to beer. It is made in small batches ensuring the best quality. It is made with the finest imported brew grade malt and local products like timoga, wild pukyutan honey, mangrove marks, wild tuba, local lime, and fruites.

5 Local Craft Beers for your Drinking Sessions

Fat Pauly’s

These are just some of the Craft Beers we love. We are still in search for different flavors to match all the food we are trying out, though. A bucket will not be enough, so more beer! Let us know what else to add to this list!