3 Reasons Why Jollibee Will Always be Loved

Fulfilling bigger roles in this world as a fresh graduate is harder than I thought it would be. Work, school, love life (having and not having one both have ups and downs) and the feeling of losing track of where I am really heading seem to get most of my energy.

Good thing we Filipinos are happy people by nature. Growing up, we learned to count on simple joys, especially when life gets a little bit shaky. These joys, in their simplicity, give us real comfort, which is exactly what we need to get through the rainy days and see life’s challenges as bearable.

3 Reasons Why Jollibee Will Always be Loved

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Jollibee, our favorite fast-food chain, is indeed one of our happy pills—a place that celebrates with us and saves us from inevitable crappy days. Over the years, our love for this food place is one thing that we have been sharing as Filipinos. True Filipino pride!

This place never fails to bring joy to our lives – even since we were kids; it is a real constant. Its happy, homey ambiance, plus its food choices—from the all-time favorite juicy ChickenJoy to their Classic Spaghetti to their Yum Burgers—don’t speak too much, but can surely take away the blues and make life a little bit better.

Crispyliscious, juicyliscious ChickenJoy      

Here are three reasons why Jollibee will always be a staple of our lives as Filipinos. I know there are many more reasons out there, but let us sum it up in three different points. (Childhood favorites die hard!)

3 Reasons Why Jollibee Will Always Be Loved   The classics.

3 Reasons Why Jollibee Will Always be Loved

3. Jollibee played a huge part in our childhood.

Going out when we were kids typically meant going to Jollibee.  This fast-food chain witnessed plenty of our unforgettable memories— from the first time we were given the chance to choose what Jollibee Kiddie meal we wanted to try to our love for collectible toys (I still keep a good number of them back home!) to our much-awaited Sunday slash family days.

3 Reasons Why Jollibee Will Always Be LovedFeels like family day every day. 

 Jollibee evokes so much nostalgia and I know, though you and I are complete strangers, we share similar childhood experiences.

2. It brings the family together.

Who doesn’t love Jollibee? When the youngest says he/she wants to go to Jollibee, the entire family will go to Jollibee. (Admit it or not, but it was always the first thing that would come to mind when asked about where we wanted to eat back when we were kids.)

Why Jollibee Will Always Be Loved

Nowadays, this place is a venue of birthday parties, random barkada meetups and family celebrations. With Jollibee’s innovative line of food choices, every celebration is sure to be as fun and delightful as can be. Without a doubt, Jollibee has indeed become a part of Filipino tradition. 

3 Reasons Why Jollibee Will Always Be LovedPerfect for random barkada meet ups.

Jollibee Tuna Pie 2Many Jollibee lovers crave for this. Early this year, this Creamy Tuna Pie had its much-awaited comeback!


Jollibee’s newest innovation: Pepper Cream Burger Steak.

              Jollibee Salted Caramel Choco Sundae-3

Last March, Jollibee introduced its newest Sundae creation: the Salted Caramel Choco Sundae! Just in time for summer!

(Read about it here.)


Side note: I think one reason why this place brings the family together is because it feels like home. Jollibee serves as a home away from home, especially in the morning. Their freshly brewed coffee, beef tapa and egg are the best starters for a long day.

3 Reasons Why Jollibee Will Always Be Loved

                        For breakfast, they offer Beef Tapa, Longganisa, Hotdog and egg among others. 


Jollibee’s Halo-halo Sundae and Adobo Flakes Yum Burger were made available last year for the celebration of Independence Day.


This homegrown fast-food restaurant has been successful in keeping its Filipino touch despite the growing competition brought by the rise of other food places that offer foreign cuisine.

1. It cheers us up! Effortlessly.

Entering the place and smelling ChickenJoy is kind of therapeutic, isn’t it?                           3 Reasons Why Jollibee Will Always Be LovedCertified Jollibee lover!

You experience the langhap sarap. You see other families giddily chatting about how one gets a high mark on a test. You become surrounded with happy colors like red and yellow plus the lively songs on the radio—how will stress linger? Indeed, “Sa Jollibee, bida ang saya!”

3 Reasons Why Jollibee Will Always Be Loved
3 Reasons Why Jollibee Will Always Be Loved                                jollibee-2Jollibee dressed up for Christmas last December.

It’s good to note that Jollibee’s mascot, was actually conceptualized to reflect our happy disposition as Filipinos. And yes, Jollibee is doing its job–not just in reflecting our positive vibe as Filipinos but also by being one of life’s simple joys that get us through the good and bad days.

3 Reasons Why Jollibee Will Always Be LovedAlways home.

And while there are many fancy food places out there (their number grows so fast), I know we will keep on finding reasons to go back to this place over and over again. It is every Filipino’s first love, after all.