3 Reasons Why I Respect Call Center Workers (And You Should, Too)

Business Process Outsourcing or BPO is one of the blossoming industries in the Philippines. One of which is the call center industry. It gives hope to those who would want a taste of financial freedom.

I could still remember that there was a time that the only job opening people knew of is a call center job.

VXI call center

This is VXI Philippines. Every day, the recruitment welcome about 100-150 walk-in applicants, wishing and hoping to pass the recruitment stage. So, to make them feel comfortable and the “waiting game” worthwhile, they decided to put the fun in the interiors! So Instagrammable, hey!

Although there are more alternative job offers now than before, call center jobs still remain a pleasant choice for most people. Truthfully, a call center agent’s salary is much higher than any rank and file employee of other companies.


Gratefully, VXI gave me the opportunity to interview one of their passionate people. Her name is Queenie Dipaling, a TL at VXI Mall of Asia branch. She proudly shared that through her 10-year tenureship with the company, she was able to buy a car, sent siblings to school, and sustain a living for herself and parents.

Anyhow, before embracing the WAHMhood (Work-At-Home-Motherhood), I was a call center agent. Just like anyone working a graveyard shift, I also risked my life to make ends meet. Moreover, I was one of those call center agents who was misinterpreted by others. But, I do not regret it. I learned a lot. I learned how to multitask. It encouraged me to become a better person and an employee.

Ideally, you would need to be an “expert” in three months to something you haven’t used and experienced like those US and Australian-based products!

While all jobs require impeccable skills and great attitude, working at a call center isn’t easygoing.

6 Misconceptions of Working at a Call Center

Aside from the nesting period, panel interview is one of the nerve-wracking recruitment stages. If you ace this, ikaw na, bes! 🙂

I’d like you to change your mindset of call center workers. Some people say or tag them as a “no-brainer job,” “dead-end job.”

6 Misconceptions of Working at a Call Center

From the excerpt of the controversial Teleserye, “The Borrowed Wife.”

Truth is, you really don’t learn manners or answering calls at school – it’s a SKILL! It’s a skill to communicate effectively and efficiently.

VXI video

And most importantly, it’s not a dead-end job! It is if you don’t survive. It will be if you don’t work harder and if you don’t have passion behind it.

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