This Video About Working at a Call Center Will Hit You Right in the Feels

One of the best stories I’ve written in was the misconceptions about working at a call center. I’ve received mixed reactions but the majority could relate. Truly, all of the misconceptions mentioned in the article were raised in this video: no-brainer job, immortals, unhealthy, to name a few.

6 Misconceptions of Working at a Call Center

From the excerpt of the controversial Teleserye, “The Borrowed Wife.”

But the most common is: being a call center agent is a no-brainer job. You just answer calls and that’s it.

I said it once and I will say it again, call center work is NOT a no-brainer job! In fact, it requires impeccable skills to become one. You must be passionate in life. Such is what VXI is trying to show everyone: call center people are passionate.

In the tear-jerking video, they invited random people to describe their idea of call center employees. True enough, they gave the misconceptions I mentioned in the article two years ago.

Watch the amazing video of VXI. It depicts truthful facts about working in the call center industry. Please prepare the tissue.

Business Process Outsourcing or BPO is one of the blossoming industries in the Philippines. With 400,000 employees hired last 2011; the country’s economy went up, as well as everyone’s self-esteem. It gave a huge amount of hope to newly graduates and somehow, gave them a taste of financial freedom. There was a time that the only job opening that people knew of is a call center job. Although there are more alternatives (job offers) now than before, BPO jobs still remain a pleasant choice for most people. Truthfully, a call center agent’s salary is much higher than any rank and file employee of other companies.

Call Center Agents are not your ordinary workers; they are the front liners of the company. Despite the danger, they face every day, or every time they are forced to work, they can still pull it off.

Truth be told, that working at a Call Center is considered a decent job. I know because I’ve worked in one.  To Call Center workers out there, kudos to your hard work!

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