3 Reasons Why I Respect Call Center Workers (And You Should, Too)

3 Reasons Why I Respect Call Center Workers (And You Should, Too)

3. They strive harder to have a healthy lifestyle.

I must admit, it’s hard to be healthy. I know because, for someone who loves desserts like me, it’s definitely a legit struggle! LOL.

Consequently, it takes courage and discipline in achieving the best you. All the more if you are working in a stressful environment like the call center industry.

“Our brains get overloaded much, due to multi-tasking requirements, the requirements keep on getting higher, maintain KPIs that keep changing, the stress level is, we get demotivated often because we get deployed to repetitive data,” says a call center worker for 13 years. Sadly, I might have to agree with him. Back when I was an agent, my life changed without me even knowing.

Luckily, gone are the days when call center agents are known as the people with a sedentary lifestyle. While there are still a few, most call center workers are now into healthy living.

VXI Davao

More call centers are now into sports fest or marathons. This photo was taken in front of SM Lanang for VXI Davao site. 

I became socially “disabled” and called by others “zombie” LOL. Moreover, we get sick like it was a thing to do! Favorably, centers are now diverse and more open to health opportunities. Nice, diba?

I am glad that centers are becoming health advocates. They look after the health of their frontliners, who are also great providers of their family.

2. They show competency and compassion

Usually, the term “customer service” is tagged in the Food & Beverage and/or Hotel Industry. But, in the call center world, it is the KEY performance indicator or KPI. All center workers must have impeccable customer service skills. Why? Because it is hard to build rapport over the phone. In fact, according to HelpScout.com’s article about Customer Service facts and statistics, it takes a competent customer service representative to make an irate caller calm down and eventually get satisfied.

call center

Source: https://www.helpscout.net/75-customer-service-facts-quotes-statistics/

Ultimately, besides being competent and amiable, call center workers could be compassionate, too.

VXI philippines

Source: Buhay Call Center Agent Facebook

1. They are relatively known as “modern day heroes”

As defined by bbsradio.com, a modern day hero is a person who has integrity, practices morality, displays honesty, or someone who have greatly contributed and sacrificed to the community. Genuinely, I believe we all are considered modern day heroes. For me, anyone who has sacrificed to earn a living is a hero – just like call center workers. They also do sacrificial things like leaving their kids at night, risking commuting at night or wee hours, missing important events and occasions, and more importantly, catering to different time zones.


These trainees were kind enough to share the reasons why they work at a call center. Mind you that none of them said about earning a higher salary. Rather, they were proud that in spite of their status (some graduated in Engineering and Education courses), they were able to develop diversity, camaraderie, and mental agility.

Essentially, Call Center workers are not your ordinary workers; they are the front liners of the company. Despite the danger they face every day or every time they are forced to work, they can still pull it off.

Truth be told, that working at a Call Center is considered a decent job. I know because I’ve worked in one. So, y’all disrespecting them. Stop it.

To all workers, especially to call center people, please know that as our country progresses, the more I respect you.

Do you agree with me? Did I miss anything? Let me hear your thoughts in the comment section below.


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