3 Key Qualities You Should be Looking for in a Luggage (and Where to Find Them)

I’m a bit of a travel junkie. I travel a lot for personal vacations and for work, so my luggage (I only used to have one) really went through quite a lot. But, still, I was surprised that after one work trip to Taiwan, my luggage returns to me from the airport carousel with the handle and bottom…cracked. I have to be honest—I was only using a generic hand-me-down luggage from my mom then and didn’t think I needed to buy a new one for myself. As long as you’ve got a bag to place your stuff in, right? I used to think that until, well, that happened.

That’s when I realized, quality luggage really matters. When you buy good luggage, it’s not just the brand name you’re paying for—you’re paying for security, durability, and overall quality. It’s a real investment.

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Last September 28, 2017, pioneer brand in the luggage industry, Samsonite, unveiled the new face of their flagship store in Greenbelt 5, Makati. After seven years of residence in the lifestyle mall, the store got a revamp and reopened with a new name—House of Samsonite. We caught up with the brand’s Director of Marketing and Sales, Michael Corpuz, at the event and asked him about the qualities travelers should be looking for in a luggage. Here are some of the things we learned:

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3. Lightness

Airlines are pretty strict with baggage weight limit, so, naturally, you don’t want to be using a luggage that’s already half the weight of what you’re actually packing. Samsonite luggage are known for their lightness—one of the lightest, if not the most, among all existing luggage brands around the world.

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2. Expandability

Who wouldn’t want to pack more with less? Therefore, expandability is also a key feature you should be looking for when purchasing a luggage. Is it spacious? Can it carry a good volume? Would you be able to pack everything you need without worrying about airline weight and dimensions limits?

Everyone loves a good shopping when they travel. Make sure you have the space to bring home all your pasalubong.

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1. Durability

From being tossed around in airports, being loaded with heavy stuff, and being pulled across harsh surfaces when we travel, our luggage really do go through a lot of beating. Some luggage shells crack easily (like mine did), the retractable handles jam, or the wheels give out from use. Which is why durability is the number one quality you should be looking for in a luggage.

Known quality brands, like Samsonite, may be pricey, but it actually saves you from more expenses in the long run. No need to buy a new luggage again and again, because this is a lasting brand. Samsonite luggage are for keeps.

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Aside from these key features that are present in every Samsonite bag you’ll find, the new House of Samsonite in Greenbelt 5 also carries a wide selection of both travel and non-travel essentials. As the brand’s flagship store in the Philippines, House of Samsonite features the best and most complete collection of Samsonite bags in the country.

Samsonite Philippines Country Head Ciely Buenviaje was also present at the House of Samsonite store launch. The Country Head gleefully shared, “In line with our global mission of creating the world’s leading travel lifestyle bags and luggage company, Samsonite Group Philippines improves the shopping experience of our customers as we transform our main flagship store here in the Philippines, and provide more ease in shopping for either travel, business, or daily lifestyle.” TV personality James Deakin hosted the event, while live music was provided by soulful jazz performer Cara Manglapus.

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When it was time to cut the ribbon, glasses of wine were handed out and everyone raised their glasses to a new and even bigger chapter for the lifestyle bags and luggage brand, Samsonite.

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As for me, I don’t have to worry about my luggage giving up on me anymore. I finally got myself my own Samsonite, and if you love traveling as much as I do, it’s high-time you get one for yourself, too. Check out House of Samsonite at Greenbelt 5 to find the perfect luggage for you.



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