20 Filipino Digital Artists We Love Talk About Their Art and Inspiration

Sometimes, coming across a well-made piece of art is just the thing you need. Maybe because you’re feeling down and need a pick-me-up, or you’re feeling drained and looking for new inspiration, or you could just be bored and itching to stare at something beautiful. Whatever the reason, you probably won’t know what you’re looking for in the first place. That’s why we’ve listed down 20 of our favorite local digital artists who will definitely bring some color to your feed.

20. Nina Martinez


Twitter: @cybersoybean Instagram: @noontimes / ninamartinezart.com

Can you briefly describe your art or art style?: When I’m not making komiks or illustrating for books, I enjoy drawing nature, kids, and different ways to play with light.

What inspires or informs your art?: I like finding the interesting in mundane situations, or the magic in serious ones. I also find my inspiration in children, their imagination, or what they get up to when they have a taste of independence.

What (if anything) do you hope to impart through your art?: I’ve been kindly told by some that my art brings them back to their childhood memories, which has become a new goal of mine. I also hope I can make some people laugh.


19. Sagunation



Can you briefly describe your art or art style?: My art style is mainly traditional pen and ink but for sagunation comics I do digital. I like to do in the style of a modern cartoon without sacrificing proportionate anatomy.

What inspires or informs your art?: Sagunation started as an outlet to share jokes I hear from friends but eventually I wanted it to be a way to share my thoughts about personal experiences and daily life in the Philippines. Also, I make really really bad jokes about “alamats” of where things came from or how their names were coined. Its something weird to the point of making no sense but funny (hopefully).

What (if anything) do you hope to impart through your art?: I hope I can spark realizations to people about things na hindi masyado pinapansin but actually matters. I also hope I can make people laugh, cry, realize, mindblown, facepalm or even mad, share, and start conversations through my comics.

18. Eunpyon

Twitter: @eunpyon Instagram: @eunpyonart

Can you briefly describe your art or art style?: My art mostly focuses on women dealing with inner struggle. I try to offset or distract from this through the use of a bright color palette and lighting.

What inspires/informs your art?: I am heavily inspired by a variety of fashion and makeup movements! Streetwear worldwide dominates my Instagram feed, as well as loud, funky makeup looks. I’ve also found myself pulling inspiration from vintage movie posters and 1980s manga.

What (if anything) do you hope to impart through your art?: I’ve always believed that looking at art is more than just a shallow experience. When you see a piece that truly moves you, it has the ability to draw out repressed feelings and stir your inner most thoughts.  All I could hope for as an artist is to form that kind of instantaneous connection with the viewers of my pieces.

17. Koi Carreon


Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram: @lekoifish

Can you briefly describe your art or art style?: I grew up watching anime, I guess it can be described as influenced by anime.

What inspires/informs your art?: I get inspired by friends, friend’s artworks, artists I look up to I get inspired whenever I see their new works, new experiences, new places I’ve visited, etc.

What (if anything) do you hope to impart through your art?: In the same way that I get inspired by friends and artists I look up to, I want to be able to inspire people as well when they see my works.

16. Dominic Zulueta


Instagram and Facebook: @spitfire.blue

Can you briefly describe your art or art style?: I think my style is a mix of western and eastern art influences, and I use either a painterly or graphic rendering style depending on what I want the output to look like.

What inspires/informs your art?: I take inspiration from the western comics I grew up reading and from anime like Cowboy Bebop and Gurren Lagann.

What (if anything) do you hope to impart through your art?: It kind of depends on how I’m feeling. Sometimes I want to try and convey something meaningful, but most of the time I try and just make something that looks cool.