10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Playing Marvel’s Avengers Game


There may be minor spoilers about Marvel’s Avengers game ahead. Click away if you don’t want any info on the game. |

If you’re still here, then here are some tips for starting out your Marvel Avengers adventure on this new game!

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Marvel’s Avengers game SPOILERS ahead!

10. Finish the campaign first

There is an option right from the start of the game to play multiplayer mode, but this will contain lots of spoilers about the campaign. The story and campaign is actually one of the best things in the game. You don’t need to level up too high to finish the campaign and it can be played by just doing the main mission story line, which are the missions with the Avengers “A” logo on them. It is estimated that the campaign can be around 10-15 hours long.

9. Multiplayer comes soon in the campaign

If you’re like me, I was extra excited about playing multiplayer and could not wait. The good news is that there are actually a lot of multiplayer missions in the campaign. You just need to keep playing until you slowly unlock them by meeting new Avengers.

8. Get your daily tasks from the factions

There will be two factions in the game, the SHIELD and INHUMAN factions, which can be found at the Helicarrier and the AntHill. Once you unlock them, be sure to drop by there daily to get your daily tasks. Some tasks are very mundane and easy, like simply gaining experience from anything, or beating a few normal bad guys, or collecting some normal drops. But once you get that task from the factions, and you accomplish them, you will be rewarded with some extra items, as well as increase your faction score. This will lead to them selling you better gear in the future.

7. Coordinate your heroes for looting

There are some special chests or loot that can be found behind sealed placed, and there are 2 types of heroes that can get to them. For walls that need to be smashed or broken through, just hold down your POWER ATTACK button, the triangle button for PS4. You can use Hulk, Thor and Miss Marvel, PLUS Iron Man can also break doors if you use the Hulkbuster. While the other type of hero is a hacker who can break the enemy’s computer techy stuff to open up automated doors – for this, you have Black Widow and Iron Man who can hack into the computers and open sealed doors. SADLY, for whatever reason, Captain America cannot do any of the above. I actually thought it was cool and smart that he couldn’t hack computers, as he is from the 1920s or something, but then when I found out that he wasn’t strong enough to break the walls either, it really kind of annoyed me. I don’t know if this is something the developers will change, but it just feels stupid that other heroes can open some sort of secret room but Captain America can’t do both.

6. In and out of Hulkbuster

With that previous tip, you now know that Iron Man, or Tony Stark, is the one and only Avenger who can open both sealed secret rooms. He can hack into computers to open doors and he can jump in the hulkbuster armor to break the walls. Now if you jump into the hulkbuster you can actually get out of it right after breaking the wall by pressing L1 on PS4, or LB on Xbos. This will save your heroic meter from draining completely, so that you can use the hulkbuster for bigger and badder enemies later on.

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5. Experience level vs Power level

So this was really confusing for me at first, but note that your experience level and power levels are different. Your experience level caps off at 50, and this allows you to unlock new skills from your skill tree. At experience level 50, you get to unlock all your skills. Power level on the other hand is the average level of all your gear. Your gear slowly gets upgraded each time you get new gear. It starts off at level 1 gear, and moves up to a maximum level 130 for gear you can find.

4. Do not upgrade your gear

DO NOT UPGRADE GEAR early on. Do not upgrade until you get level 130 gear. It’s honestly a waste of resources as your gear upgrades so fast just from doing missions. I never have the same piece of gear on for more than a mission or two. So don’t spend resources upgrading them yet. Exception can be for your major artifact as I finished the campaign and multiplayer campaign and only have 4 of those. So you could upgrade that to unlock their skills as it seems those will be with you for a while.

3. Upgrade your gear

Once you hit Power Level 130 gear, is the time to start upgrading them. BUT, there is SPOILER – a red colored “EXOTIC” level gear available after you finish the multiplayer campaign. This is supposedly higher than the yellow Legendary gear. So I recommend you finish the multiplayer campaign before really farming the Level 130 gears and upgrading them.
Also to note, your max power level can be set to 150. You can find a max level 130 gear, but you will be able to upgrade each all the way to level 140. So that means you have to level 4 pieces of gear, 10 times each, for each Avenger. So that’s a lot of resources, which is why you should save them as much as possible. After leveling all gear up to 140, your major artifact gives you a straight up power bonus, and you can level that up to 10. So your 140 average gear plus the 10 bonus from your major artifact will get you to 150 max level.

2. DNA boxes / chests

Other than the first DNA key and DNA chest you find, don’t open any other DNA boxes. The first one you will need to open as it is part of your story line, to move things forward. But after that, do not open any others until you reach level 130 gear with your specific hero you are using to open that DNA chest. These DNA chests supposedly have the highest chances of scoring great loot, but will be ruined if you open it at a low level, as it will give you low level loot as well.
These DNA keys to open the DNA boxes are the hardest to farm in the game. The usually only appear when you defeat high level bosses from the faction missions. So you need to defeat Taskmaster or other high level bosses. Problem for me is that these “daily” faction missions don’t seem to refresh daily for me, and I am stuck not having any DNA keys for a while. It’s sad as I used up all my DNA keys while I was at a low level and it just got me low level gear, instead of possibly my end game exotic gear.

1. Enjoy the campaign

Yes, I know we are all rushing to play the multiplayer missions and get all the loot and get all the gear and upgrades, but the campaign is honestly the BEST part of Marvel’s Avengers game. The grind after that is really unpolished and repetitive.  So take your time to enjoy the amusement park, the cut scenes, the missions and all that the campaign has to offer. As of now, there is now way to go back to some places like the amusement park at the very beginning of the campaign, as well as some other missions or even the way th helicarrier might look at certain times. So take it in and enjoy it while it’s there.

P.S. EXTRA TIP for now, while there are lots of bugs and glitches in the game, DO NOT activate your PATTERNS. The things that give you extra hero skins at the helicarrier. Reason is that there is a big glitch where some patterns get used but do not give you any skin for you hero at all. The developers say they will fix this, so for now, don’t turn in any patterns.


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