How to Beat Marvel’s Avengers “Last Avenger Standing” Mission (Elite Hive) – Tips and Tricks

First of all: SPOILER WARNING!!!!! If you do not want SPOILERS about the game, then please click away.

This mission is a bit further down in the game so again, SPOILER WARNING!

Otherwise…… read on.

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LAST LAST CHANCE! SPOILER WARNING for Marvel’s Avengers: The Last Avenger Standing quest (Elite Hive) 

So you’ve made it this far in Marvel’s Avengers’ game! The “Last Avenger Standing” mission is the final mission in the multiplayer mode. We’ll probably have to wait for DLCs for other new content from here.

The Last Avenger Standing has quite a warning when you click on it. First of all, it says it is an “Elite Heroic Hive,” and its Power Level starts at 130, which is the maximum level of gears, without upgrading them. So you probably need to have grinded a bit and got yourself to experience level 50, as well as get your gear to Power Level 130, at least. Moreover, the description if the “Last Avenger Standing” mission goes:

“Fight through to the deepest level of a massive, high-security subterranean installation with a relay of several Avengers. As one Avenger falls, the next takes their place – once all heroes are downed, the mission is lost.”

So you pretty much have 6 lives (the 6 Avengers available: Miss Marvel, Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Captain America), to go through an Elite Heroic Hive, which is fourteen, YES 14, floors of bad guys and missions…. And you thought other Elite Hives were tough!

Sadly, this is only a single player mission and you’re not able to do this with friends. At first I was worried that this also meant that you would have to fight the floors alone, without any AI companions. The good news is that you will have companions, and the better news is that they do not die and their life meters do not get affected by enemies. I’m still not sure if this is another bug in the game, or if it was meant to be that way, so that the mission would be true to its cause where “…when one Avenger falls, the next takes their place.”

So with that, if you just want to cruise through this mission, I recommend getting your Iron Man to Power Level 130, and DPS rocket blasting your way through the 14 floors! Moreover, with Iron Man, I have two words for you: DEFENSIVE BARRIER! I never really used this power much before, but I really didn’t want the stress of getting through 13 floors then dying and having to start over. So the trick is to fix up your skills and power up both your ROCKETS and your DEFENSIVE BARRIER. Now, every time you get into a mission, rush fly yourself to a high corner, set up your barrier (which can be skilled to reflect back all ranged attacks), and just wait for your teammates to beat up most baddies, while you provide some rocket support from afar by side-stepping next to your defensive barrier and hitting baddies. If any melee bad guys come your way, just fly away to a different corner.

Yes, it’s a bit cheesy, so it’s your option if you want to take enemies head on and fight your way through the 14 floors. But if you’re looking for a quick way through the 14 crazy floors, then this might do the trick.

For your teammates, I prefer having Hulk, Miss Marvel and Thor, as they usually are great at crowd control, and Miss Marvel also heals.

I recommend you have at least 2 or 3 heroes at Power Level 130 and up, just in case you do die and have to do a few floors with a 2nd or 3rd hero. It is your call if you want to grind all 6 heroes to Power Level 130, but that might take some time.

Also, another concern about this mission is that others who have done it, say that it sometimes glitches up, where the gear it rewards you with, is glitched up. Apparently, there is a red-colored gear that you unlock after doing this mission, called “EXOTIC GEAR” – which is a level higher than the yellow Legendary gear. There are reports that some people don’t get any gear at all, while others get a red exotic gear piece, that comes in at level one! Yup, level 1, the lowest level possible.

At first, I was hesitant to do this mission as I was afraid I would lose out on the reward, but upon further research, it seems that there is actually no guarantee, that you will get an exotic reward from this mission. The developers said that the exotic reward is by chance, and not a guarantee. Although the level 1 exotic is a glitch, which developers say will be fixed in the next patch, you really have no way to make sure that you get an exotic reward. Moreover, you might as well just do this mission before grinding for gear as you only unlock Exotic Gears after doing this mission.

Also, just to note, it’s a bit anti-climactic, but there is no big boss or leader at the end of the 14 floors. Just 14 random floors of bad guys that are pretty much the same as a floor on the normal hives you had done before.

P.S. There is a cool cut scene when you get back to the Helicarrier. =)

So there you go, tips and tricks for Marvel’s Avengers The Last Avenger Standing mission quest.

Do you have any other tips to add for this mission? Please comment below to help others out!