10 Inexpensive Gift Ideas on Mother’s Day (Or Any Occasion!)

6. Bonding at a Nail Shop!

Pick & Polish BF

Photo credit: Pick & Polish/@mrsmommyholic

Pick & Polish BF

Cost: 140 manicure. An additional P25 for any of their premium polishes and our Orly Matte Top Coat is free.

By the way, Pick and Polish BF is giving away free foot spa to all mommies on May 8!! See you there!

7. Powerbank

Fully Charge your Phone 4-5 times with Anker Powerbank

Mom’s quick escape from reality is to check what’s going on in social media. So, help her get connected anytime by ensuring her phone is fully charged! A reliable powerbank is a perfect Mother’s Day gift! Usually, powerbanks are expensive but you may find good deals online!

8. Makeup products

makeup products

You can get affordable makeup products at any pharmacy or department store.

9. Give her favorite food or snacks

Oinkys Good Eats Chicharon

Moms would love these for sure!! Moms are allowed to binge eat tomorrow, so grab her some! You can get these delicacies at Oinky’s Xotix Carwash, White Plains.

Cost: 150/pack

10. Body care products like soaps and lotions


Trust me, moms love these kinds of soaps – fruity and affordable! Aimee’s transparent soaps have less soap, more oil which means they moisturize your skin longer, gentler. Find more about them here.

Otherwise, you can find organic soaps at any supermarket and pharmacy leading stores nationwide.

See, these items are affordable and could be given not just on Mother’s Day but also for her birthday and other special occasions!

Personally, I would love my kids to give me lots of hugs and kisses and let me hold the TV remote! Sheesh, need to watch something other than Disney Junior! :)

So, what do you have for your moms tomorrow?

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