Finding Charcoal, The “It” Beauty Ingredient And Other Little Known Wonders in Aimee’s Soaps

When In Manila, a cheeky little ingredient is taking on beauty products, from cleansers, pore strips, mud masks, even toothpaste and drinks, its … charcoal.Why? Because it shrinks pores, brightens skin, and gets rid of acne.  It helps soak excess oil and is excellent for deep-cleaning. As it draws impurities out of the body, you get healthy & glowing skin.
Aimee’s Charcoal Cream SoapAimee’s Premium Soaps is one of the first to come out with this product in the Philippines.  This wonder in a jar applies like cream and rinses like soap.  The unique soap formulation can be applied on skin quickly & evenly.  It can also double as a facial mask.

If you’ve been wondering about the charcoal in this soap, it comes from coconut husk.  Use on face, neck & underarms.  You’ll see why its a bestseller.


Its uniqueness can be a great gift to friends too this coming Christmas season.

  • 50g – Php 180
  • 100g – Php 300


Aimee’s Soaps

Aimee’s natural soaps are are there to help you take care of your skin. That the simple act of lathering your skin with soap suds, letting the suds stay to allow the skin to absorb the soap’s goodness – be it olive and avocado oils, VCO, turmeric – are all part of the process of slowing down, paying attention, and embracing yourself.

Aimee’s transparent soaps have less soap, more oil which means they moisturize your skin longer, gentler.

The cream and liquid soaps are made from carefully-formulated soap base guaranteed for even the most sensitive of skins, as it has no sulfates (SLS/SLES).


Turmeric Body Wash


Turmeric isn’t just for drinking as tea, it’s also good for your skin. This age-old beauty ingredient is known for its antifungal and skin care properties. I tried it and it lessened irritation from skin asthma of my kid. Also contains Cocoa Butter so skin is hydrated.  Can be used on face and sensitive parts of the body.

  • 100 ml –     P      70
  • 250 ml –     P    150
  • 500 ml –     P    220
  • 1 liter –       P    280
  • 1 gal. –        P 1,100

Aimee’s Turmeric Balm is your handy remedy for itches (mosquito bites, diaper rashes) and other minor skin irritations. Ten grams (10g) – Php 100

Coffee Body Scrub

There are generous amounts of coffee ground in this product.  The formulation imparts the anti-oxidizing benefits of coffee on skin. It rinses off as soap, leaving the skin cleansed and well-moisturized.

On a practical note, used ground coffee is good for removing strong smells like garlic off your hands. This Coffee Body Scrub – in cream soap form – can help get rid of that garlic smell without the abrasive feeling.


Directions: Apply a dollop of Aimee’s Coffee Body Scrub on your hands. Rub. While you’re at it, try to enjoy the exfoliating feeling of the coffee granules. Rinse like soap.  Enjoy your soft (thank you, cocoa butter) and garlic smell-free hands!

  • 50 g –     P   70
  • 100 g –   P 130
  • 150 g –   P 200
Flea Fly Fall Herbal Soap for Dogs
This herbal dog soap has some serious knockout power. Wood Vinegar, its main ingredient is a little-known natural insecticide that effectively eliminates ticks and fleas naturally. The wood vinegar, combined with a generous dose of VCO, will guarantee to knockout your beloved pooch’s fleas and ticks. Best of all, it is gentle on the dog’s and its human’s skin. (100 g – Php 80 )
It contains VCO for moisturizing and antisecptic purposes.
Acapulco Hand Soap
There is a little-known native plant called Acapulco which is used in this soap. An antifungal and antiseptic, this soap also has cocoa butter to moisturize skin.  Can be used on face and body.
  • 100 ml –      P      60
  • 250 ml –      P    120
  • 500 ml –      P    170
  • 1 liter –        P    270
  • 1 gal. –        P 1,000
Olive Avocado Soap
Infused with Olive oil and Avocado oil, a power-packed combination that relieves skin irritation. Can be used with face & body. I’ve been using this the past weeks and its a personal favorite because it doesn’t dry out my skin. (100g – Php 80)
VCO Soap
A traditional beauty staple among Filipinas, this soap is packed with Virgin Coconut Oil. (100g – Php 60). All of Aimee’s soaps aim to share with you various wonderful oils & ingredients and their silky feel with you.
When In Manila, and you’re looking for a “healthier” and one-of-a-kind approach on soaps and beauty products that you lather on your skin, try out Aimee’s soaps and be glad you’ve made that organic choice.
Catch Aimee’s Premium Soaps at Makers Market PH, where all things are homegrown, handmade & crafty.  There’s one happening now at ESTANCIA at Capitol Commons Sept 26-27, 2015.
Just in case you will miss it, Aimee’s soaps deliver to your doorstep too.
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