10 Inexpensive Gift Ideas on Mother’s Day (Or Any Occasion!)

For some obvious reasons, we celebrate Mother’s Day because, come on, who acts as our human shield 24/7?

mom as original seatbelt

Isn’t this true for you?

So, if you haven’t decided on what to give her tomorrow, don’t fret as these simple presents aren’t expensive at all and are always available at all department or online stores!

Are you ready? Here we go!

1. Gourmallows

One ubiquitous trait of moms is simplicity. They just want everything simple. When kids give hugs and kisses, that’s already considered pleasurable! So, give “something sweet and simple!”

Try giving flavored mallows!


These cute mallows are called “Gourmallows” and made by a mompreneur who has a passion for parenting, baking, and cooking!

Cost: P40/each

2. Chocolate Pops


Cost: P30/each

Place to get Gourmallows and Chocolate Pops: The Ostrich Farm (Blue Baywalk) and Paumes Pastryhouse, President’s Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque (in front of Puregold/McDonald’s)

3. Sticky Buns from Pastry Armoire

Pastry Armoire

These mouthwatering Chocolate Sticky Buns are just one of their best-sellers. (My personal favorite!)

Cost: P40/piece available at Pastry Armoire, BF Homes

4. Cupcakes at Test Kitchen Caffe

test kitchen caffe

Normally, their cupcakes are P60/piece but they are giving it away for FREE with a dine-in purchase of any entree!

Test Kitchen Caffe is located at Tropical Avenue, BF International. 

5. Cake in a Jar

Mr. and Mrs. Cupcakes affordable cakes in a jar

Mr. & Mrs Cupcakes offer delightful cakes in a jar! I’m sure moms would love this as it’s not too sweet. Definitely recommended for moms who are watching their weight or sugar levels!


  • Php 85/each for 30 jars
  • Pho 80/each for 60 jars
  • Php 75/each for 100 jars

There is an additional charge of Php 3 per sticker and customized ribbons.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mrnmrscupcakes

Mobile number: 09184930448

Trivia: Do you know why it has been a tradition to give cakes on Mother’s Day? Back in the day, a European Christian event called: “Mothering Sunday.” The event took place three weeks before Easter Sunday, where parishioners were to return to their “mother churches” where they got baptized or raised. And the highlight of that event is a Simnel cake (cake with marzipan), traditionally given by servant girls to their mothers when they returned home on Mothering Sunday.

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