10 Alternative Work Places You Can Try In the South

Two of the most commonly used advice in the corporate world are: “don’t bring your work home” or “don’t bring your problems to work.” This is because, we all have the tendency to feel pressured and/or stressed if we don’t achieve the demands of “work/life balance” lifestyle.

According to a human resource specialist, one of the top 3 reasons why people resign from work, is because of their personal or family issues.

But, what happens if YOU work from home?

work at home

I’m not going to sugarcoat it anymore – working at home is a life-changing event. It’s not something you can decide overnight. It’s basically, changing your lifestyle that will affect you and the people around you.

According to studies, while working from home sounds ideal and can alleviate other problems such as commuting, money, among other things, it could intensify mental and physical stress, which I absolutely agree. I know as I’ve been working from home for quite some time now.

And still, can’t cope with other things.

Work at home space peg

My dream office space at home. Isn’t it lovely?

Okay, I know that it takes discipline and time management to fix everything.

In any case, we are all human and we also get sick – and tired of everything.

Fortunately, there are places or establishments we can go to, in case we need to focus at work and regain our sanity.

In no particular order, here are the places I usually go to when I’m pressed for time and need more focus, pronto!


1. Paume’s Pastry House (President’s Avenue, BF Homes)

BF Homes has emerged into a food destination. You can basically find all the authentic cuisines your palate is looking for: we have Mexican, American, Asian,  authentic Filipino dishes, and of course, my favorite French cafe/working spot, Paume’s Pastry House.

Paumes Pastry House

That’s me, working under the Eiffel Tower! 🙂 Nah, the owner is a French-Filipina Chef. She said, “paume” is the french term of “palm.”

paume pastry house

If all else fails and you need to bring your kids with you, Paume’s has a kid’s corner. You may read the full review here.

2. Kat’s Cafe (CAA Int’l DJMA, BF Resort)

This place is like a typical coffee shop, except that their cupcakes and cream puffs are incredibly delectable!



The place is bright and they also play slow music, which makes your stay more comfortable. You can really focus here because of its peaceful ambiance.

3. Cafe Alezon ( BF Homes, 146 Tropical Avenue)

This place doesn’t only offer an authentic Italian pizza and sensational blueberry cheesecake, the interiors and ambiance will make you feel like you’re at an old library. Therefore, you will definitely enjoy working here.



4. Carpe Diem (Aguirre BF Homes)

carpe diem bf homes coffee shop

My mantra, carpe diem (seize the day!) Anyhow, I love working here. Aside from their delectable food, the place is quiet and the ambiance is somewhat fit for millennials.

bf homes carpe diem

carpe diem

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