Affordable Cakes in a Jar by Mr. and Mrs. Cupcakes Are Sheer Delights

Affordable cakes and cupcake shops are emerging in Manila. In fact, there are also lots of online sellers in the market which are relatively good. While convenience is the number one reason why people shop online, though, it can be dreadful to do so sometimes due to false advertisement. Unless a friend or relative referred the product, I never really bother shopping online. Mr. and Mrs. Cupcakes, however, was an exception to my rule!


Mr. and Mrs. Cupcakes affordable cakes in a jar


Just a few weeks before my son’s 6th birthday, we wanted to surprise him with a beach party.  However, when I researched about the place, the nearest bakeshop was 1.5 hours away from the location.  With the rising weather temperature, there was no doubt the cake would melt!  Luckily, our neighbor/friend Chef Batch of The Big Bakers Club, mentioned these affordable cakes in a jar.  I was kind of hesitant because the last affordable cakes in a jar we had were unpleasant.  We really didn’t want to compromise taste for an affordable price again.


Mr. and Mrs. Cupcakes affordable cakes in a jar


Mr. and Mrs. Cupcakes is no stranger to the term “affordability.” Each bottle costs Php 180 and comes with a free customized layout, a sticker, a wooden spoon, and a ribbon. However, if you buy in bulk for giveaways or birthdays, the prices would be as follows:


Mr. and Mrs. Cupcakes affordable cakes in a jar

    Php 75/each for 30 jars

    Pho 70/each for 60 jars 

    Php 65/each for 100 jars

There is an additional charge of Php 3 per sticker and customized ribbon.


Apart from the quality and affordability of their products, I also find their products delightful.  If I were to give a statement, it would be: What you see is how it tastes,” (looks good, tastes good). I do not know how to bake, but my palate for desserts is insatiable. I can live with cakes and other sweet treats alone!

So, without further ado, here are some of my delightful thoughts about Mr. and Mrs. Cupcakesaffordable cakes in a jar (let the photos speak for themselves):


Mr. and Mrs. Cupcakes affordable cakes in a jar

I ordered chocolate and red velvet flavors and both were enticing!  


Aside from the taste, I also appreciate the moisture of the cake.  It’s dense and has a well-balanced taste.  Not too sweet, not too bland.  Perfect for kids and kids-at-heart.  


Mr. and Mrs. Cupcakes affordable cakes in a jar

I am not fond of sprinkles, but the red velvet variant is sumptuous!

Mr. and Mrs. Cupcakes affordable cakes in a jar

 This photo was taken two days after the delivery.  I stored it for 48 hours just to make sure the cake wouldn’t get hard – and it didn’t!  It was still soft, fluffy, and thick.


It is always a nice feeling to discover shops that are owned by couples, simply because you can taste the passion, determination, and love in their products.  I am glad my family got to “taste” this delicious outcome.

So, will I repurchase?  Absolutely!  I will not only buy this during my children’s birthdays, either, but for personal craving consumption, as well.


Mr. and Mrs. Cupcakes affordable cakes in a jar

Keep calm and eat a cake. 


Mr. & Mrs. Cupcakes is also accepting orders from abroad.  This means you can order any of their sweet treats to be delivered to your loved ones here in the Philippines, even if you don’t live here! #morefuninthePhilippines indeed! They also have other flavors and products available, like their Dulce de Leche spreads.


Mr. and Mrs. Cupcakes

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mrnmrscupcakes

Mobile number: 09184930448