Create Sweet Memories with Pastry Armoire

I love sweets.  Basically, anything about cakes, pastries, and all the sweets in the world, I love. I also love it when I meet brilliant people who cook and bake so well like Chef Anna Chua of Pastry Armoire. This gem of a pastry shop is located at the 2nd floor of Ivory Bldg, along El Grande in BF Homes, Paranaque.

Pastry Armoire BF

Pastry Armoire is new and was just opened to the public last month. The interiors like the counter top, table, crates, wood background, and panel are all hand made. This is your homely shop in the South!

Pastry Armoire -Chocolate Sticky BunsThese mouthwatering Chocolate Sticky Buns are just one of their best-sellers. (My personal favorite!)

According to Chef, who is also the brilliant home baker behind the creative desserts of Pink Wasabi, she was looking for something online when she stumbled upon the word, “armoire.”  Armoire means a movable antique cabinet—a cabinet filled with sweets and goodies, and she thought this would be a great name for her shop. Hence, Pastry Armoire.

Pastry Armoire- matcha blondiesThese fresh-from-the-oven Matcha Blondies are so delicious! Best partnered with tea or coffee.

Pastry ArmoireChef Anna Chua during the Eat’s a SPArty launching event at the Pick & Polish Nail Salon last month.

Chef finished her studies (BS Engineering) at UP Diliman. She started working for world-class companies like Waterfront in Cebu, Ritz Carlton Dubai, and Ritz Cayman. Apart from her hospitality career, she was also running her own business, Pink Wasabi.

Collectively, Chef has a total of 11 years in the hospitality industry and about 6-7 years as a home baker.

pink wasabiKashi Makis are sweet hand-rolled and carefully made cakes that are formed to look like Makizushi. They are filled with various flavors of chocolate ganache & wrapped in chocolate. In short, they are extraordinary!

Create Sweet Memories

Birthdays, debut, bridal shower, weddings, are few of the many special occasions we cherish. Besides the fun-filled activities, most people remember the fooddelicious or notmore than the party itself. Therefore, make it more memorable by preparing a perfect dessert table, filled with scrumptious cakes and pastries from Pastry Armoire.  Here are some of the goodies you’ll find at the shop:

Pastry ArmoireThese were definitely comforting! On top: Flan brownies; second layer: Avocado Cake; third layer: Salted Caramel  Opera – my dream wedding cake!

pastry armoireUp close and personal with the Flan Brownies. Am I making you drool over this one-of-a-kind dessert?

Pastry ArmoireFlavorful Stickybunsgone in 60 seconds!

Pastry ArmoireChocolate Chip Cookies. One word: irresistible!

pastry armoireThese soft and chewy triple chocolate cookies were the bomb!

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