My Pink Wasabi: New Unique Sushi Dessert Spot In Manila


WHEN IN MANILA, people are into mind blowing things that’ll make their jaws drop in wonder and in awe.


Last week, I was on a quest to find the dessert that’ll make people dash out of their doors and straight to the sweet shop. Indeed my curiosity and my spyesque tracking skills did not fail me and led me to the most unique dessert stop in town to date; My Pink Wasabi.




Unlike most dessert places in the metro, My Pink Wasabi doesn’t just sell the traditional chocolate cakes, brownies, etc. Rather they sell the wonderstrucking and awe-inspiring Kashi Makis.  Kashi Makis are sweet hand-rolled desserts that are made to look like our favorite Japanese appetizer, Sushi.




Here are the different mouth watering flavors of My Pink Wasabi’s Kashi Makis.




Left: ChocoLocco; I’m a huge fan of anything that has been loaded with nuts. And this nut-encrusted chocolate cake will definitely make nut lovers like me go loco over My Pink Wasabi.


Center: Coconut Dream; I’m not really into coconuts. But as I took a bite into this delectable Kashi Maki, I’ve officially converted.


Right: White Matcha; White Belgian chocolate mixed with refreshing green tea, HEAVEN!





Left: Lemony P.; I love desserts that are infused with lemons. From lemon squares to lemon cupcakes, you name it! So naturally, this lemon filled Kashi Maki has made it straight to my heart as soon as I took a bite of it.


Right: Midnight Mint; Dark Chocolate for me is the best type of chocolate out there. Fill it with dark mint truffle and top it off with mint roe, perfection!





Left: Marula; Nothing beats chocolate with a hint of liquor to kick things off.


Center: Cookie Kiss; Think of a gigantic Black Forest cake rolled into a sushi.


Right: Oolong Berry; Out of the eight different flavors of the Kashi Makis, this has got to be my fave! With the unusual mix of strawberries, white chocolate, and My Pink Wasabi’s very own home-blended tea, this cake will definitely make you like you’re in cloud nine with just one bite.


I’m sure all of you readers by now are drooling all over your computer screens craving for the delectable Kashi Makis of My Pink Wasabi. Fear not, in just three easy steps, 10 lucky winners will get a chance to win 10% off vouchers from My Pink Wasabi! All you have to do is Like this post, Follow me (@janelleyau) and When In Manila (@WhenInManila) on Twitter, and tweet: “I just read about the awesome My Pink Wasabi by @JanelleYau on @WhenInManila! Here’s hoping I could win the discount coupons being given away.” And you’re good to go.


So for sweet stops that are awestrucking and mouth watering, don’t forget to check out My Pink Wasabi WHEN IN MANILA.


My Pink Wasabi: Sushi Dessert

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 My Pink Wasabi: New Unique Sushi Dessert Spot In Manila