Create Sweet Memories with Pastry Armoire

Of course, Pastry Armoire also ensures you have varieties to choose from.  Not only do they serve pastries and cakes, you can also reward yourself and loved ones some good ole bottled brewed coffee, flavored soda, dips, and more!

PASTRY ARMOIREI think the packaging is clever. Don’t you think? 🙂 Very straightforward! We all need this prescription, right?! One Cold Strong coffee,  please!

PASTRY ARMOIREUp in the Clouds ice cream’s artistic variants are unusual yet sinful! My favorite flavor is Maple & candied bacon! My kids love the malted milk and campfire smores! When I’m depressed and swamped with work – this is my lifesaver!

deep dipsPastry Armoire has also partnered with Deep Dips by Chef Arnold. Aside from the Tamarind variant, they also have Chocolate flavored bagoong, Roasted eggplant dip, Dulong with Olive oil, Gourmet Tuyo, and more!

PASTRY ARMOIRETuyo or salted dried fish is popular in the Philippines. Most Pinoys partner Tuyo with something sweet like Champorado. You may use this plainly as a dip or ulam (viand) with calamansi. Yummy!

PA SPARTYYou can even use the dips with Chef’s kesong puti (or cottage cheese).

Bacon Reggiano Triffle copyI heart this Bacon Reggiano Truffle 🙂

PA SPARTYClassic and homemade pandesal best partnered with Kesong puti or eat it as is.

Pastry armoire

Now, the downside of writing a food review, especially if your weakness is sweets and pastries, is by the time you’re done with the write-up, you’re already going crazy over these delicious pastries! So, before I become exactly that, I’d like to thank Michelle of for introducing me to Chef Anna. You knew how much I needed that me-time, indulging myself with these delectable sweets while having the time of my life at the Pick & Polish Nail Salon!

So, if you’d like to create more memorable moments with your loved ones, present something that will leave a trademark in your palate – Pastry Armoire’s sensational and exceptional pastries!


Pastry Armoire

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