10 Most Requested “Pasalubongs” We Always Bring Home To Our Families Here and Abroad

Most of our Filipino delicacies have a distinct, flavorful taste that makes them indescribable and delectable. I don’t know what’s with our recipe that even international palettes have agreed, Filipino dishes are amazing!SoFish AdoboAdobo is a conventional Filipino dish made of either pork or chicken, simmered in soy sauce, vinegar, dahon ng laurel (bayleaf), and lots of garlic. My foreign friends love my adobo and would request for more sabaw (sauce)!!

Having said that, our homesick kababayans (fellow Filipino) here and abroad can’t get rid of our staple food. As a result, they always request to bring home some authentic Filipino pasalubongs!

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Pasalubong is a term most Filipinos use, which means “bring home something for me.” It has the word “salubong” which in English means, “welcome.” It is a Filipino tradition of bringing either souvenirs or food from their destination back home.

Balikbayan box pasalubong

As an example, our relatives abroad give us balikbayan boxes or these pasalubongs from the US to here.

So, now is our turn to represent!

Here are some of the most requested pasalubongs our relatives often ask us to bring back home!

10 Most Requested “Pasalubongs” We Always Bring Home To Our Families Here and Abroad

10. Danggit

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Danggit or “rabbitfish” in English, is a predominant breakfast meal for Filipinos, especially, the Cebuanos. Danggit is a popular Filipino food and is well known as a product of Cebu. Although, we can already grab some of these in Manila, Davao, everywhere! 🙂

It’s best partnered with garlic rice, atchara, and salted egg, then dip it into vinegar with lots of minced garlic!! (Sorry, didn’t mean to make you crave. But, dang, danggit!!)

9. Bagoong


SoFish Bagoong

Bagoong is a popular Filipino condiment made of fermented fish and salt. It is best partnered with green mango. Additionally, others use it for other authentic Filipino dishes like Kare-Kare, Pinakbet, and Binagoongan.

8. Goldilocks Polvoron and Mamon

Goldilocks polvoron pasalubong-side

I don’t know about you but these are always on my list! The whole family loves Goldilocks Polvoron and Mamon! Do you crave and bring home some of these, too? 🙂

7. Boy Bawang / Ding Dong


My Chef and Seafarer friends usually ask me to buy them either Ding Dong or Boy Bawang. These two corn bits are all-time Filipino pulutan!

6. Polland Hopia


Polland’s Hopia is definitely a most requested pasalubong! Hopia is a staple Filipino bean filled pastry that comes with sweet split mung bean. Other flavors like baboy, ube, pandan, are essential, too!

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