10 Most Requested “Pasalubongs” We Always Bring Home To Our Families Here and Abroad

5. Muhlach’s Ensaymada (Megamelt)

muhlach ensaymada

Photo from Megamelt Facebook page

The majority of my friends who answered my questionnaire about pasalubongs mentioned this. I haven’t personally tried bringing a box of ensaymada but I’ve already tasted one – it was soft, cheesy, and delicious! No wonder my friends recommended this as pasalubong!

4. Chocnut


Everyone’s love Chocnut, right? You will feel nostalgic in every bite! That’s why wherever we are, we crave for Chocnut. Genuinely, my friends told me that they get a “ratatouille” moment every time they receive this as pasalubong!

3. Dried Mangoes

Dried Mangoes Pasalubong

Photo by: ifsbulk.com

I always accompany my friend (who lives in California) who buys a dozen of dried mango packs to bring back to Cali. And, even if she isn’t coming here, she always asks someone to bring it for her! Well, dried mangoes taste really good, so it’s impossible not to ask for this!

According to my sister who used to sell these, rare-ripe carabao mangoes are dried through the principle of osmosis.

2. Bottled Tuyo and Spanish Sardines

Sofish bottled tuyoPhoto: Sofish Facebook Page

Tuyo or Dried Herring may have a distinct odor, but comes with an awesome taste! However, since most of my international friends are bothered by the smell, their Filipino partners/wives/relatives  miss eating tuyo a lot! That’s why, when they come here for a vacation, they make sure they bring this as pasalubong to their friends who miss eating tuyo, as well. If not, they buy a lot and stock it for their personal use! LOL!!

There are many choices for bottled Tuyo but I would recommend Sofish and Gourmet by Chef Arnold. Both are affordable and delicious.


You might be wondering how to bring this back home. So, I asked my friends how to: based on their experience, they wrap the bottles carefully with newspaper and bubble wraps and check them in. They also declare it, so they won’t get fined.

1. Chicharon

Oinky's Good Eats Chicharon

OMG. I love Oinky’s Chicharon. I love it because it’s not greasy and the salt level is balanced. My cousin who recently left for the UK just bought several packs to bring back home!

I also bought some for my mother-in-law in LA! They also have great packaging which makes it easier for you to bring home. Each pack contains high-quality pork rinds and rest assured freshly sealed!

Oinkys Good Eats Chicharon

Oinky’s Good Eats located at Xotix Carwash at White Plains in Katipunan offers different flavors: (1) barbecue and (2) original chicharon. Of course, the chicharon won’t be complete without dipping it into your favorite seasoned vinegar!

Oinky's Good Eats

Oinkys also offer bottled vinegar and lip-smacking Atchara!! (Visit their Facebook page for more details)

Chicharon is an essential Filipino delicacy consisting of fried pork belly or fried pork rinds. On a personal note, pwede ng ulamin ang kanilang chicharon! (good as viand!)

All the pasalubongs I mentioned above were all based on my friends and relatives’ responses and experiences. Most importantly, these are all facts according to our kababayans out there.

Pasalubongs are given regardless of the season. But, since summer is the best time to travel, these pasalubongs will come in handy!

So, anong pasalubong mo sa kanila? Share them in the comment section below!