Your Essential Food and Drinks Guide to Bacolod City

The City of Smiles is perhaps best known for the Masskara Festival, but one more thing that has to be made known is that in Bacolod, we take our food and drinks seriously. The locals take so much pride in the cooking, and the eating and even, just the talking (and the writing) about our dishes. Good food has become a staple in the city’s way of life. Which only means, to our visitors, you’re in for a treat.

Here are some of the city’s timeless dishes and new favorite dining experiences to make you understand why there are always smiles on our faces.

Your Essential Food and Drinks Guide to Bacolod City

12. Ribs

These slide-off-the-bone juicy pork ribs have become a mainstay in the city’s food scene. And the racks that are worthy of our love and lust: Sitting Duck‘s and Byron‘s barbecued meats. It’s so good, it may just put Bacolod on the BBQ map after all. Oh wait, I think we already are.

Sitting Duck Paseo Verde, Mandalagan / Byron’s Block 8 Stork St.,Homesite, Barangay Montevista
Bacolod Food Ribs

11. Locally-roasted coffee

Coffee will always have a special spot in our hearts, even more so if they’re locally produced. Kuppa is the favorite den of coffee-lovers , and the fact that they make excellent pizzas, too doesn’t hurt. Another local roastery is Coffee Culture, try their cup of joe at 21 or Sitting Duck.

Kuppa 1 Tindalo Avenue, Capitol Shopping CenterBacolod Food Coffee Kuppa

10. Cansi

This batwan-based soup aka Negrense version of the bulalo will make you forget about bulalo. And let us give our thanks for the gift of God, otherwise known as the bone marrow. Sharyn’s and Conee’s does it best.

Sharyn’s Cansi House C-58 Narra Avenue, Capitol Shopping Center / Conee’s Cansi and Sugbahan Regeant AlijisBacolod Food Bulalo

9. Seafood

Dig in with your bare hands and feast on the freshest seafood the island has to offer. With the wind in your hair and the smell of the sea to match, Palawud Resto Grill is a no-frills seafood shack not to be missed. Also not to be missed, Aboy’s squid fats, Enting’s kinilaw and 18th St. Pala Pala‘s scallops. Life definitely is good in Bacolod.

Palawud Resto Grill San Juan St / Aboy’s Liroville Subd., Singcang / Enting’s The Market Place at Villa Angela / 18th Street Pala Pala Cor. 18th – Aguinaldo St.bcdfood7

8. Sisig

Ask any local where the best sisig is in town, and chances are they’d say KSL. Warning: this creamy and rich version of sisig is highly addictive. Extra rice, please.

Kubo Sa Lawn (KSL) P. Hernaez st. (Libertad extension)Bacolod Food Sisig Kubo sa Lawn KSL

7. Sate Babe

This tender pork barbecue grilled with peanut buttery sauce (typing that in got me drooling already), sate babe is done best by Bob’s. Practically an institution, everything in this restaurant is top-notch. Desserts and fruit punch for the win!

Bob’s B.S Aquino DriveBacolod Food Sate Babe Bob's

6. Cansi Steak

You know that Cansi I talked about earlier? Reduce the broth of that slow-cooked beef shank and turn it into an earth-shattering gravy, throw it on a hot plate and you got yourself this tendon and bone marrow-filled perfection. Portiko and Business Inn makes a mean version.

Portiko 23rd St, Bacolod / Business Inn No. 28 South Lacson StreetBacolod Food Cansi Steak Portiko Business Inn

5. Bacolod-Brewed beers

Craft beers are all the rage. And we’re totally onboard for this! We have Illusion Brewery and Talulah Brews to thank for crafting more amazing beers for the city. Sample Illusion Brewery’s top tier libations speakeasy-style in its very own tasting room, The Trap Door. And Talulah beers are perfectly paired with an excellent menu and a relaxed atmosphere at Chef O’s Bistro. Brace your livers, everyone.

The Trap Door Tasting Room 22nd street / Chef O’s Bistro N&G Bldg. San Sebastian Cor. Doña Maria St.Bacolod Food Drinks Beer Illusion Brewery Talulah Brewery

4. KBL (Kadios, Baboy, Langka)

With its three essential ingredients, you guessed it Kadios, Baboy and Langka, and the soups souring agent, Negros’ very own magical fruit batwan, this dish is a typical Negrense dish that reminds us of home. Sandok makes a flawless bowl of KBL.

Sandok C-20 Narra Ave, Bacolod Bacolod Food KBL

3. Dessert

You’re in the sugar capital of the Philippines, so basking in its sweetness is kinda mandatory. Prepare for your blood sugar level to rise and your hearts to be won by desserts from Calea, Tiffany’s Confection and Felicia’s.

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Calea Lacson St./ Tiffany’s Deck 3, The Boxes,Villa Angela Tecnopark, Villa Angela Subd./ Felicia’s Doll Bldg 6th StBacolod Food Dessert Calea Tiffany's Felicia's

2. Batchoy

Oh, that bowl of noodle soup that could move mountains. Super Batchoy House and 21 are the masters of this heavenly broth and all pork goodness. Of course, throw in some bone marrow for added joy.

Super Batchoy House Locsin St. / 21 21st Lacson St.Bacolod Food Super Batchoy House

1. Chicken Inasal

Behold, the best chicken on earth. And you just have to take my word for it. These marinated chicken pieces are grilled to perfection and just when you think it couldn’t get any better, pour that chicken oil on your garlic rice and devour with your hands. Aida’s and Chicken House got me singing praises! And you’ll do the same by the end of your trip.

Aida’s Manokan Country, Reclamation Area / Chicken House Lacson StBacolod Food Chicken Inasal Aida's

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