10 Sweet Reasons To Visit The Negros Island: A Local’s Guide to Desserts

Trivia: The Negros Island is known as the Sugar Bowl of the Philippines, producing more than half of the country’s sugar output.

Now that we learned something new (thanks to Google), it only makes sense that Negros would give rise to these divine, yet totally sinful creations. From the wondrous potato cake that tastes nothing like potatoes, to the legendary guapple pie that taught me guapple is an actual fruit, to the ensaimada that dethrones all the other ensaimadas, to hands down the best chocolate cake you and I will ever have, these desserts are bound to satisfy the sweet tooth in you. And quite possibly change your life.

Here are the confections that will make your blood sugar level rise, and will make you want to book the first flight out to the sweetest island in the Philippines.


10. Half Moon at Pendy’s, Bacolod City

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Don’t miss their Napoleones.

9. Potato Cake at Mila’s Restaurant, Hinigaran City

Don’t miss their Buko Pie.

8. Guapple Pie at El Ideal, Silay City

7. Sans Rival at Pastry Shop of Bob’s, Bacolod City

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Don’t miss their Pavlova and Fruit Punch.

6. Avocado Mousse at Bagels by ELG, Bacolod City

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Also try, Fogo Grill’s Avocado Mousse.


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