10 Sweet Reasons To Visit The Negros Island: A Local’s Guide to Desserts

5. Baba Cake at Bascon Cafe, Bacolod City

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Also try, Sugarland Hotel’s Death by Chocolate.

4. Silvanas at Sans Rival Bistro, Dumaguete City

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3. Mango Cheesecake at Tiffany’s Confections, Bacolod City

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Don’t miss their Kalamunding Bars.

2. Ensaimada and Tablea at Felicia’s, Bacolod City

Don’t miss their Macarons and Chocolate Cake.

1. Mud pie at Calea, Bacolod City

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Don’t miss their Black Sambo and Caramel Pecan Cheesecake.

Credits to the Instagrammers who shared with us their sweet moments in Negros.

Been to Negros? Have anything to add to this list? Let us know!


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