You can get your own ‘cherry blossom’ photos at these spots in the Philippines

Sakura season always gets those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to travel feeling incredibly left out. It’s not a particularly serious problem but come on, wouldn’t it be nice to have your own photo with those beautiful pink blossoms? Well, we might not be able to grow cherry blossoms here in the Philippines, but we do have our own blooms that look close enough to the real thing. 

Photos courtesy of @rambielim (left) and @yangdjeno (right) 

There are actually a number of native species that bear resemblance to the sakura blooms. Two of the most common are the Balayong trees and the Tabebuia trees. The former is colloquially referred to as the “Palawan cherry tree” — patterned after Japan’s cherry blossoms, of course. While the latter is better known as trumpet trees for the shape they resemble. 

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Here are 4 locations across the Philippines you can catch them in: 

4. Bohol

Photo courtesy of Loe Udtohan

This trumpet tree across a mall in Tagbilaran City had even the locals fooled into thinking it was a sakura tree. The vibrant and fully pink flowers are close enough that people wonder if the species are in the same family. The city’s inhabitants may even try to plant and grow some more of them. 

3. Dasmarinas, Cavite

These pink blooms seem to have been general knowledge amongst De La Salle University Medical Center’s population. While everyone else has been leaving the country to snap a photo with the famed flowers, those in the know just have to stop by this hospital’s parking lot. Like those in Bohol, these blooms come from the trumpet tree. 

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2. Antipolo, Rizal

Photo courtesy of Layna Santos

It looks like educational institutions have a number of hidden gems up their sleeves. These row of trumpet trees can be found inside the campus of Assumption Antipolo in Rizal. They do allow visitors in as long as you have a legitimate reason. 

1. Puerto Princesa, Palawan

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Finally, the cherry on top (pun intended). Palawan is the only place that serves as home to the Balayong trees as they are endemic. In Puerto Princesa, there is even a whole park dedicated to them! 

Did we miss any spots? Let us know in the comments! 


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