LOOK: You can swim amongst cherry blossoms in this Sakura Pool

Cherry blossom season has long-since been an event that people plan their vacations around. Many travelers hold a fervent desire to see the famed flowers lining up the paths all abloom. If you just can’t get enough of its natural beauty, Tokyo will soon have a sakura pool for you to take a dip in.

sakura pool 4

Sakura Chill Bar is set to open on March 22, the forecasted ‘blooming day’ for cherry blossoms this 2019. Aside from a specialization in sake, the bar features a knee-dip sakura pool. SoraNews reports that it will be filled with 1.2 million cherry blossom replicas — we wouldn’t want to waste millions of actual flowers, after all.

sakura pool 1

The pool may only be knee-deep but the bar owners assure media that it is extensive enough for people to lie down and submerge themselves with cherry blossoms. The interior of the bar itself will be decorated according to the theme, complete with a faux Sakura tree inside the location.


sakura pool 3

So if you’re interested in getting it on your Instagram or just checking it out for the fun of it, it is located in the Minami Aoyama neighborhood, nearby the famous districts of Harajuku and Shibuya.

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