When and where to see cherry blossoms this year in Japan

cherry blossoms japan

Cherry blossoms or sakura are very popular in Japan. They are also a big deal there such that there are many spring festivals around that are fun to go to. These festivals mark the arrival of spring that symbolizes renewal, and their two-week life span is a reminder of “the fleeting nature of life.”

The bloom of cherry blossoms is special in Japan. Hence, they align it with the beginning of both the academic and the fiscal year in Japan. If you’re trying to enjoy this natural phenomenon, we’ve put together some tips on when and where to travel to see cherry blossoms.

Best time to go?

The Japan Meteorological Corporation released information about the bloom of cherry blossoms. Apparently, they will bloom early this year due to high temperatures in October 2018. However, you can’t pick just any old location in Japan and expect a fantastic hanami experience — the cherry blossoms don’t bloom everywhere, so carefully plan your trip to make sure you hit the maximum time and place for buds.

Yoshino Cherry trees are expected to begin to bloom as early as mid-March this year. They are native to Japan and known to be a bit fragrant. According to a Japanese legend, a fairy maiden hovers in the sky every spring to wake up the cherry trees with her breath. The fairy is here early in 2019, and tourists can enjoy the benefits.

In Fukuoka, cherry trees are expected to start to bloom on March 20 and may be in full bloom by March 29. In this city, the best places to spot cherry blossoms are Fukuoka Castle, Nishi Park, and Atago Shrine.

On March 22, cherry blossoms are expected to bloom in Nagoya and Tokyo. Then, Hiroshima will follow. In Nagoya, the best places to view cherry blossoms are Nagoya Castle, Yamazakigawa Riverside (lined by almost a kilometer of cherry trees), and Inuyama Castle. In Tokyo, Shinjuku Gyoen is one of the best gardens to see cherry blossoms. In Hiroshima, you should be at the Hiroshima Peace Park or the Hiroshima Castle to see sakura.

Meanwhile, in Osaka, the cherry blossoms are expected to be seen by March 27. In Sendai, they should begin blooming on April 9.

Where will you be viewing the cherry blossoms this year?