Year in Review: Viral Stories of Kindness that Captured our Hearts in 2019

6. This Filipina who found a bag with 9 million pesos in it and returned it to its owner

Last September a Filipino barista in Dubai was honored by the Dubai Police for the honesty she showed while on duty. Mae Ann Olmidillo, a barista in Starbucks Dubai, found a bag in their cafe containing P9 million pesos worth of money in cash and checks.

But honesty is the best policy, as the saying goes, and with that Olmidillo did not think twice about calling the police and reporting her discovery. Because of that, the deputy director of Bur Dubai police station, along with some Dubai policemen, visited Olmidillo personally to award her for her honesty.

Olmidillo shared: “This recognition is a great honor for my colleague and for me as a Filipino. It is my personal conviction to return any lost item regardless of its monetary value. I believe in the Golden Rule ‘Do unto others what you want others to do unto you’. So when I saw the contents of the bag, I did not think twice of returning the bag to the owner.”

Read the whole story here: Filipina Employee Honored For Returning Bag With Php9,000,000

5. This teacher who formed a bond with a stray dog in campus that would last till the end

Three years ago, Professor Carmelito Marcelo befriended a dog that was often seen at the campus he was teaching at in Mabalacat City, Pampanga. Carmelito would play with the dog and even feed him, and the two quickly became friends. The dog, named Buboy, became very fond of his new buddy, and would often be seen waiting by the faculty room, outside Marcelo’s classrooms, and even by his desk while he worked.

Sadly, the professor passed away this year. Teachers at the school said it broke their heart seeing Buboy outside the faculty room, waiting patiently for his friend. That’s when one of Marcelo’s colleague, Ma. Kristina Paola Demafelix, decided to take Buboy to the wake so he could say goodbye to his friend one last time. The dog, seemingly understanding the situation, appeared lonely and can be seen in the pictures laying down by Marcelo’s coffin.

Demafelix promised that Buboy would still be taken care of at the campus.

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4. This kind stranger who bought milk tea for a street vendor 

In a Facebook post by a local milk tea place called Cabin Brew, they told a story of a wonderful encounter that happened right at their store. Apparently a guy saw and old man who sells broomsticks and household items looking at the milk tea place’s menu. He asked the old man if he wanted one, but the latter reportedly said, “Ay tinitignan ko lang, pangmayaman yan di ko kaya bumili nyan”. [Oh, I’m just looking. I can’t afford that. Only the rich can.]

After some insisting, the guy was able to convince the old man to let him buy him a milk tea of his choice. And as seen in the photos, the man’s reaction was priceless upon tasting the drink for the very first time. The man was so grateful that he also offered free items from his little shop as a thank you, proving that sometimes, it’s the people who don’t have much who have the most generous of hearts.

Read the whole story here: Old man tries milk tea for the first time, experiences an amazing treat

3. This Filipino nurse who helped deliver a baby during a flight

Francis Mendoza, a Filipino nurse who works in Ireland, was on a long-haul flight back from a vacation in the Philippines, when pregnant Filipino woman on the same flight started going into labor.

As registered nurse, Francis quickly rushed to provide assistance, and with the help of the cabin crew, they were able to safely deliver a healthy baby boy. Francis posted about the experience on his Facebook along with some photos of him carrying the newborn. He wrote: “I have never been so happy and fulfilled as a nurse! Assisting this woman who bravely delivered a healthy baby boy inside the plane while we were in the middle of the flight was just so Amazing. Nothing more!!!!”

But also giving credit to the well-trained crew of Qatar Airways, Francis shares: “I only assisted the cabin crew in delivering the baby and did parts after delivery such as vital signs, monitoring for bleeding and making sure that the baby is looked after,” he said. “Many people think that what I did was a heroic act. But I only did what a nurse should do when they are in a situation like this.”

Read the whole story here: Pinoy Nurse helps deliver a stranger’s baby on international flight

2. This teacher who goes above and beyond for her students

After a flood hit a school in Iloilo City, a teacher, named Jessica Jayloni, was seen carrying a student on her back across the flooded halls of the school. A netizen, Regina S. Escueta, took photos of the event and posted it to social media. As a result, the post quickly went viral, commending the teacher for her dedication.

Jayloni herself told the story behind the photos. She said, [translated from Tagalog] “I just finished giving a lecture to them about what may happen if they were to go into the flood. When the water rushed into classroom, I asked them to leave. One of my students mentioned having a would and I immediately thought I should carry her.”

She also continued with a message to fellow teachers everywhere: “To all Filipino teachers, let us love and understand our profession. Let us always think about what may happen and what we can do for the welfare of our students so we may be safe in any situation that comes our way. We must always be ready through our hearts, minds and actions.”

Read the whole story here: Filipino Teacher carries injured student on her back during flood!

1. This teacher who single-handedly renovated an old restroom to a reading nook for his students

And here yet again, is another story of a Filipino teacher going above and beyond for his students. This time, it’s the story of Reynel Calmerin from Mindanao. When the teacher got assigned to a new class, he noticed that there was an abandoned restroom there that was no longer being used. And at the back of this restroom, was an old stock room with piles and piles of broken armchairs. With that, he had an idea—to transform the old restroom into a reading nook for his students.

Stories of the teacher’s hardwork got around, that it eventually reached the mayor of Polomolok South Cotabato, Mayor Honey Lumayag-Matti. Impressed by his dedication, the mayor sent assistance to provide Calmerin more materials and books.

Read the whole story here: Hardworking Teacher Transforms Old Restroom Into New Reading Corner With Scrap Materials

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