INSPIRING: Filipina Employee Honored For Returning Bag With ~Php9,000,000

Some people say that honesty is the best policy and this Filipino employee named Mae Ann Olmidillo is definitely one who believes in that. Olmidillo, who currently works at Starbucks, was honored by the Dubai Police for returning a bag that a customer left in the store.

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According to reports, the bag contained around Php 2,700,000 in cash and two cheques that amount to over Php 7,000,000. That’s over Php 9,000,000 in total!

“We waited for the customer to come back to the cafe to collect it, but no one came. So I immediately called the police to report the matter and we turned it over to police officials at the Bur Dubai Police station so they could locate the owner,” explained Olmidillo.

Colonel Rashid Mohammad Al Shehi, deputy director of Bur Dubai police station, was quick to praise and commend Olmidillo for her honesty. He and a few Dubai policemen visited her to award her a certificate of appreciation.

Photo via Dubai Police

“This recognition is a great honor for my colleague and for me as a Filipino. It is my personal conviction to return any lost item regardless of its monetary value. I believe in the Golden Rule ‘Do unto others what you want others to do unto you’. So when I saw the contents of the bag, I did not think twice of returning the bag to the owner,” said Olmidillo.

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