Pinoy Nurse helps deliver a stranger’s baby on international flight

On a flight home from vacation, 25-year-old Francis Dominic Mendoza, a Bacolod nurse who works in Dublin, Ireland was on board Qatar Airways when all of a sudden, a fellow Pinoy passenger was going into labor mid-flight while they were above Thailand.

“I have never been so happy and fulfilled as a nurse! Assisting this woman who bravely delivered a healthy baby boy inside the plane while we were in the middle of the flight was just so Amazing. Nothing more!!!!” Mendoza said in his Facebook post.

At 37 weeks pregnant, the woman reportedly traveling alone was gifted with the presence of skilled cabin crew members and this registered nurse who safely delivered her baby boy.

“The mother was stable and there were no visible signs of bleeding. My concern was if she would have bleeding along the way, while the baby was at risk of hypothermia due to plane temperature and might develop an infection,” Mendoza shared.

Mendoza also continued to share that the cabin crew should be given due credit for the delivery, “I only assisted the cabin crew in delivering the baby and did parts after delivery such as vital signs, monitoring for bleeding and making sure that the baby is looked after,” he mentioned. “Many people think that what I did was a heroic act. But I only did what a nurse should do when they are in a situation like this.”

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