Wines in Cans and Cocktails in Balls? Wine not?

Every hour is Happy Hour— or at least that’s what I think. I may be new to the whole drinking game, but I do like my alcohol. And when I find a good wine or two, you bet I’ll hoard lots of it.

The same goes for a cocktail. My palate leans more towards sweet choices, much to the chagrin of veteran drinkers. That’s probably why I sometimes prefer a cocktail over a hard drink. However, with bars closed because of the pandemic and zero experience in mixing drinks, where’s a girl going to get her alcohol?

The answer? Make a ready-to-drink version. Even better? Make it available for delivery.

NMARL Barokes Wines 1

Local distributor NMARL brings the party to you with their line of quirky beverages. Instead of wine bottles, expect wine in a can. As for cocktails? They come in balls. Perfect for single consumption. (Though, really, why stop at just one?)

NMARL Buzzballz 1

The two brands under NMARL’s belt include Barokes Wines for the wine in a can and Buzzballz for the cocktail drinks. Based on the packaging alone, it sure looks modern and casual— dare I say very millennial? Gone are the days of hoity-toity, fancy-schmancy drinking. Enjoying alcohol with friends and letting loose? That’s the overall vibe that I’m getting from these two brands.

Barokes Wines

Although an odd concept initially, wine in a can is a trend that is actually catching on. Instead of bottles with hard-to-open corks, these Australian wines are packaged in cans that are portable, durable, and affordable. Plus, the beauty of Barokes Wines is that each can is perfectly portioned for one-time consumption. That’s 250 ml of fun in a can. Did I mention that the design looks very modern, and Instagrammable, too?

Perfect for every occasion, Barokes Wines comes in three variants: Cabernet Shiraz Merlot, Chardonnay Semillon, and a Bubbly Moscato. While I do have my eyes set on the Bubbly Moscato, they were all tasty in their own right. Check it out!

NMARL Barokes Wines 2

Cabernet Shiraz Merlot (Php178)

A rich, full-bodied red wine blend that hails from the Southeast of Australia; it’s made up of three different grapes varieties. Bringing together the rich mouthfeel from Shiraz, the mellow notes of Merlot, and the firm finish of the Cabernet; this red wine is ripe, rich, and dry. A very grown-up drink with a subtle hint of oak. (Alcohol Level: 13%)

NMARL Barokes Wines 3

Chardonnay Semillon (Php178)

This Southeast Australian white wine blend is a summery drink— one with the rich, nutty flavors of Chardonnay, and the fruity notes of a Semillon. Bringing together the essence of mature wine and a youthful peachy aroma, this white wine is sweet and pale gold. A real treat for leisure wine drinkers like me. (Alcohol level: 13%)

NMARL Barokes Wines 4

Bubbly Moscato (Php178)

Since I really love Moscato, this was a real treat for me. This lovely, bubbly drink hails from the Southeastern part of Australia and comes with a crisp, fresh, and fruity aroma. It’s sweet (my favorite part about this drink) with mild acidity and a lingering citrus note. While drinking this, you can get a touch of floral mixed in with the grapes, and a finishing sweetness that makes you want to grab another can. (Alcohol level: 6.5%)

Buzzballz Cocktails

With this, you can now enjoy your favorite cocktails anytime! Yes, I know you miss your late-night bar-hopping, but these balls do the trick nicely on days that you’re stuck at home. Each cocktail comes in a single-serve convenient packaging— that’s 200 ml of alcoholic fun made with natural juices, flavors, and cream. And don’t worry— Buzzballz doesn’t use high fructose sugar in these drinks.

What’s more, all Buzzballz cocktails are made in the US. They’re gluten-free, Kosher, and all come neatly packed in a plastic container that’s 100% biodegradable. Talk about eco-friendly drinking! While there are 15 variants available, I was able to try four of them: Forbidden Apple, Watermelon Smash, Tequila Rita, and Choc Tease. 

NMARL Buzzballz 2

  • Forbidden Apple (Php220): a sour-sweet cocktail made with vodka, apple liqueur, and a splash of apple and lemon juice. It’s tart, fruity, and refreshing, to boot! (Alcohol level: 15%)
  • Watermelon Smash (Php220): a peachy pink cocktail that features strong notes of watermelon mixed with vodka. While this cocktail is very straightforward, you start off with a sweet watermelon taste, followed by the lingering spicy taste of vodka. And let me tell you, it packs a punch! (Alcohol level: 15%)
  • Tequila Rita (Php220): this mix of lemon, lime, and triple sec comes alive with the addition of tequila. A Mexican cocktail that’s sour, but refreshing, all the same, it’s the kind of cocktail that you can pair with a side of nachos or chips! (Alcohol level: 15%)
  • Choc Tease (Php220): this creamy and indulgent cocktail features orange wine, cream, and a splash of vodka. Mirroring the likes of orange chocolate, but in liquid form, you get notable flavors of orange that blend together with chocolate finished off with a milky vodka base. (Alcohol level: 15%)

Delivery Promo

NMARL currently offers great bundles to bring the bar experience to your home. For only Php999, you can get 5 of Buzzballz ready-to-drink cocktails. What’s more, they’re adding a Choc Tease cocktail, for free! That’s Php321 in savings, and 6 cocktails to share… or enjoy on your own. Your call.


To order, you can message NMARL over on Instagram, Facebook, Viber, or through this order form. Take note that the delivery fees are not included in this deal yet.

Do you know any other ready-to-drink cocktails and booze?





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