Where’s Marcel is Now Open at Best Western Bendix Hotel in Pampanga

As the song Perfect Strangers by Jonas Blue and JP Cooper plays in my Spotify playlist, I bask in the taste of my iced mocha in-between the bites of my ham and cheese sandwich. The sun is finally out and I must say: it’s a good day to reminisce. With all of this falling into place, only one question remains. I try to reckon… Where’s Marcel?

Where's Marcel Lobby

Apparently, they currently have four branches and I found the nearest branch to where I was. As I am writing this article on this sunny day, I am at their Makati branch. Centered on specialty coffee, this place is great for coffee addicts and those who would like to develop their tastebuds and have a greater appreciation of good quality coffee.

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Where's Marcel Coffee Machine

If you’re like me, who relies not just on coffee to be productive, but a homey and upbeat ambiance, Where’s Marcel is a cafe that is on top of the list! Where’s Marcel delivers a fresh and exciting experience that stays true to its Melbourne roots. Without a doubt, the products and services that they offer will give you great value for your money in line with the likes of Toby’s Estate.

Where's Marcel Ribbon Cutting

During the opening of their first provincial branch in Pampanga, the first drink I tried was Marcel’s Dirty Chai (Php150 for the 8oz, Php160 for the 12oz, and Php170 for the 16oz). At first, I was hesitant to try something out of the ordinary, but I ended up liking the sweet aftertaste of the drink.

Another drink that I would recommend is their Dirty Matcha Marcel. Both drinks have the same initial taste, but Dirty Matcha Marcel has more of a cinnamon-y taste.

Where's Marcel Table Chai

Where’s Marcel also offers different food options and pastries. Depending on your hunger pangs, you can order something a bit on the heavy side, such as their Carbonara (Php180); or choose from their different sandwiches: Grilled Cheese Sandwich (Php125), Ham and Cheese (Php150), and Pulled Pork Sandwich (Php150).

Where's Marcel Cakes

Of course, you can’t overlooking their bestselling S’mores (Php170 per 200grams). These chewy bite-sized delights come in three flavors: dark chocolate, vanilla, and matcha. Where’s Marcel also has cakes like the multi-colored chiffon Clown Cake (Php220 per slice) and other pastries like their Almond Fudge Brownies (Php65 per piece).

Where's Marcel Smores

The products and friendly staff aside, it is a pleasant surprise that Where’s Marcel is tied up with Best Western Bendix Hotel. Located in Pampanga, it is the first “green hotel” in Central Luzon. They are a hotel that promotes environmentally friendly practices, which include the usage of solar panels to energize the whole establishment.

Another main effort that Best Western Bendix Hotel does is water recycling, where they reuse waste for other purposes, like landscape irrigation.

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Bendx HollyWood Room

The moment I knew about the different eco-friendly efforts of Best Western Bendix Hotel, I was completely sold to the idea! This is addition to the fact that they have Where’s Marcel and the amazing coffee to keep me company. Just a two-drive road trip from Manila, go ahead and have a taste of Where’s Marcel; and book a staycation at the Best Western Bendix Hotel while you’re at it. With the colder weather coming in, you might be able to figure out your own personal questions while doing so. Enjoy!

Where’s Marcel?

Pasig City | Makati City | Manila City | Pampanga City

(02) 535 0621



Best Western Bendix Hotel

MacArthur Highway, Dolores City, San Fernando, Pampanga