WATCH: Great Invention Lets You Create Electricity-Free Aircons Using Plastic Bottles

Not everyone can afford an airconditioner. But with summers becoming warmer year by year because of global warming, living without an aircon can become intolerable.

In rural Bangladesh where most people live in tin houses and temperatures can reach 45 degrees Celcius, summers are indeed almost unbearable. So inventor Ashis Paul set out to make life more comfortable for his people. He came up with an innovative solution to cool the air without using electricity and using common materials–plastic bottles.

Eco cooler using plastic bottles

His invention is called the Eco Cooler and it is ridiculously easy to construct. Cut a board sized to fit an existing window. Cut bottleneck-sized holes in a grid pattern on the board. Cut off the bottoms of empty plastic bottles, and place the funnel-shaped bottlenecks on the grid. Hang the board on a window with the wide part of the bottles facing outward to catch the wind.

How to create an eco cooler using plastic bottles

A scale drawing is available for free on

Supposedly, the bottlenecks act as a funnel. Air passing through is compressed and cools to up to 5 degrees Celcius. Imagine a sweltering 30-degree room cooling down to a lovely 25-degree temparature using just a do-it-yourself eco cooler.

Unbelievable, huh? I myself don’t truly get the science. You can experiment right now to test it, as explained in the video. Exhale into your palm and feel the warm air. Then purse your lips and blow air through them. Can you feel the change in the temperature of the air coming out?

If you would still like to delve into the science behind the invention, you can check out discussions online. In any case, the invention seems appreciated in the communities. Over 25,000 houses in Bangladesh are now using an eco-cooler.

Maybe Filipinos can try this here, too.

Creating eco coolers also helps reduce plastic waste as plastic bottles are repurposed or upcycled into something of lasting benefit.

Watch how to create an eco cooler using plastic bottles:

What do you think? If you do try this, let us know. Does an eco cooler work? Share your experience!

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