WATCH: How to Start Your Own Local Plastic Workshop

A designer from the Netherlands, Dave Hakkens, wants to let people in every corner of the world know that they can start their own local plastic workshop. For the past two years, his team has been developing machines that let people transform plastic into useful objects–right at home. He then shared the blueprints online for free and now urges netizens to spread the information to every corner of the globe.

Machines that recycle plastic 2

Hakkens points out: “Whether we like it or not, plastic is our inherited toxic legacy. Let’s use it as a resource to create new value and social innovation. Join the revolution. Start building!”

Apparently, you can create a number of different products with each machine: lamps, jars, bowls, vases, baskets and the list goes on. Your creativity is the limit!
Machines that recycle plastic

You can also create tools for the community: buckets, boxes, handlebars, thread, bricks and more. The plastic can also be retransformed into raw materials.

Plant Container made from recycled plastic

According to Hakkens, the machines are developed using basic tools and materials. “We share all the blueprints open source online. This way, people around the world can re-build them.”

Products made from recycled plastic

“The primary goal is to recycle as much plastic as we possibly can. This would clean up our shared environment, improve living conditions and possibly create financial value!”

This is really great news, considering 85 percent of the world’s plastic is not recycled, according to All this plastic waste is dumped into landfills that makes its way in our oceans. About 8.8 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean, threatening the existence of marine wildlife.

Sadly, the Philippines is among the top plastic polluters of the seas.

Imagine if we can create a culture of proper waste management, though. What if people start segregating and recycling trash? We won’t just protect the environment, but also create livelihood opportunities in the communities. Ultimately, we could help secure a healthy planet and bright future for ourselves and future generations.

So, what do you think? Shall we start spreading the know-how? Boost plastic recycling.

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