Wednesdays by Záril Opens Lifestyle Store in Fairview, Quezon City

On Wednesdays, mean girls wear pink. But in WEDNESDAYS, more mean, wicked items are up on the racks!

Spot on the cute signage on the walls!

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Just like it’s mother store, Záril Lifestyle Store, WEDNESDAYS follows the same concept – a shop that provides physical space for online stores to exhibit their products. But here, expect more brands, new stuff, more space, and more fun! Owner Patrizia “Iza” Alberto explains how WEDNESDAYS exudes a happier, friendlier, and hipper vibe. With a clean, pastel-splashed theme, it opts to create an atmosphere different from Záril Lifestyle of a minimalistic black and white.

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Shoes, accessories, clothes, snacks, stationary, home decor, gadget wear, eyewear, you name it. WEDNESDAYS introduces the latest and trendiest products of the season. You can also get them at affordable prices! The great thing about a lifestyle concept store like WEDNESDAYS is the fact that online shops get more exposure to their market not just virtually but also physically. This also lessens the chances of consumers of emitting minor shopping problems such as getting the wrong size or receiving a damaged item – products are tried and tested on the spot.

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Iza shyly and humbly admits that she didn’t expect Záril Lifestyle Store to be as successful, considering its location at a place known for a variety of great food finds – this made her decide to put up its baby sister, WEDNESDAYS. Her choice of location reflects on her vision of catering mostly to the youth, where both Maginhawa and Fairview are known spots for students. Having said that, her other vision is to inspire young entrepreneurs, too. This is also the reason why she chooses to work with young, rising brands – to join her journey of growing in business and expand bigger dreams.

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If you get tired of shopping but wish to stay a little longer, no problem! A nook and a snack bar is available soon for customers who wish to temporarily escape the busy hustles over light treats, board games, and casual conversations. Retail therapy is on point! So treat yourself and make everyday amazing in WEDNESDAYS regardless of the day of the week!


Wednesdays by Záril Lifestyle Store

31 Pontiac Street, West Fairview, Quezon City
Instagram: @zaril.wednesdays