Zàril Lifestyle Store: Your Favorite Online Brands in One Hip Spot in Maginhawa

Hey, there’s a new kid in town.

Adding flavor nearby the infamous Maginhawa StrEat in Quezon City is ZÁRIL, a lifestyle concept store. Collaborating with brands that caters to today’s youth, ZÁRIL provides physical space for over 30 online shops nationwide to exhibit their hippest and latest products.

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As you browse through ZÁRIL you will be overwhelmed with the array of products you’ll see as you enter. I’d like to think of ZÁRIL as a small department store, but located within a friendly and warm community like Maginhawait’s perfect. You can also grab funky finds that you don’t normally see in malls, for most items are exclusively sold here! This kind of lifestyle concept is also a boost in the market for online shops since their products can be seen and tried on the spot.

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Humble beginnings for owner Patrizia “Iza” Alberto started off with managing her first online shop, participating in bazaars, and eventually becoming an organizer. She wanted to put up a business that adds a twist to a quintessential marketplace. ZÁRIL depicts of her very colorful personality where a variety of a few of things she’s fond of is being soldmakeup, clothes, home essentials, and bags, among others. You can also find merchandise of her online shop, West End PH, that sells shoes, which she is head over heels for! ZÁRIL is definitely a dream come true for her.

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Check out some Good Stuff, some Shoe Love Galores, members of The Pajama Club, and more, now in ZÁRIL!


Záril Lifestyle Store

97 Maginhawa St., Teacher’s Village, Quezon City
Website: www.zaril.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/zaril.lifestyle
Instagram: @zaril.lifestyle