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When in Manila, almost everything now is going online. From getting everyday news, to shopping, online courses, getting recipes, workout routines, hailing a cab, even booking a massage and a whole lot more.  It simply just takes out a lot of the hassle of physically going somewhere and getting things done.

Photo by The Perfect Grey

Photo by The Perfect Grey

Planning a wedding is recently becoming included in the list of being virtually possible to pull-off.  Getting married is an exciting time in a couple’s life, and planning it can be both enjoyable and exhausting.  After the thrill of the proposal, its time to get serious with researching where you want to get married, who your suppliers will be and so on.


Photo by Oak St.

There are a number of wedding inspiration sites in the country and you may go there, join communities, or google your way to finding that perfect supplier to make your dream wedding come true.  Add to that going to the bridal fairs & you & your fiancé are welcomed into the wedding world.  Sounds like fun right?  Wait until you’ve probably joined your 2nd or 3rd bridal fair and everything just becomes a beautiful blur.

Photo by Jed Calara

Photo by Jed Calara

So how do you cut through all that clutter of awesome wedding suppliers out there?  Don’t get me wrong, I love the personal interaction that happens of actually meeting your wedding supplier face to face, its something that anything online can never replace. However, what if I told you, the personal service of getting your supplier can also work online?

Weddingscape is your online catalogue where you can scroll through suppliers’ portfolios, rates, and even their exciting promos and freebies. So you no longer need to fall in line in wedding expos and spend long hours of walking and canvassing just to find those suppliers you have been aching to contact. It’s like window shopping, looking for suppliers who match your preference and budget and those who can help you achieve that perfect wedding.

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After initially contacting them (or even reserving them) on Weddingscape (they accept credit cards – this is good news for overseas brides & grooms), you can still meet up with them personally later on just to assure yourselves that you’ve made the right choice. That’s where the personal touch comes in.  But sometimes the most important thing is you secure them for your wedding day via  These wedding suppliers surely get booked fast nowadays.


Photo by Zeus Martinez

For wedding suppliers, Weddingscape is your online booth, without the physical setup and miscellaneous fees. This platform will free you from the hassle of setting up and of manning your own booths. You may get in touch with your clients to answer their queries and set meetings with them in a faster way.


If you’re still window shopping for suppliers thats okay, since Weddingscape has a wish list feature.  So go, bookmark all you can, and the supplier meant for you will soon be yours.  Oh and for friends of the couple, there are gift certificates too you can purchase for the bride & groom.


Photo by JDG Wedding Photography

Weddingscape has recently gone live and is going to run all-year round.  Different suppliers will be featured every week.  So keep dropping in their site.  Create an account and book your wedding suppliers to win roundtrip air tickets for two to Singapore!


When In Manila, Weddingscape makes wedding planning easy.  Its here to bring to you everything that you need to find in just one click.

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