10 Reasons Why The Couple That Travels Together, Stays Together

Relationship goals, much?

You’ve heard of the famous hand-holding couple on Instagram, Murad Osmann and Natalia Zakharova, who just tied the knot after travelling around the world together for 2 years!

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If this globe-trotting couple should be any indication, it’s that the couple who travels together gets to have a happier and more satisfying relationship that is for keeps. #MayForever!!

Maybe that’s the reason why a lot of the celebrity couples we admire go on so many trips! Whether it’s backpacking to different parts of the Philippines or packing your suitcases to a trip abroad, there’s just something about traveling together that keeps sweethearts in love. We give you 10 reasons why the couple that travels together, stays together, which should just be enough to push you to book that next flight with the significant other! #BAEcation

10 Reasons Why The Couple That Travels Together Stays Together

10. It reignites “the honeymoon phase”

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There’s a reason why when you’re in a new relationship, there’s a thing called the “honeymoon” phase: that stage where you’re all lovey dovey with your significant other, take tons of selfies and cuddles and kisses all day, with the feeling that nothing can go wrong. Ever! While this phase doesn’t last the longer you’re with a person, it’s definitely a good thing to feel like lovesick teenagers once in a while! Traveling brings back that honeymoon phase in a figurative and literal sense… go visit that gorgeous city while walking hand in hand!

9. You learn to share the same sense of adventure

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Relationships, like everything in life, are an adventure: meant to be explored with the person you love! Traveling to faraway places can definitely bring out the adventurous side in both of you, and once you’ve found an adventure buddy for life, you will bond over the endless yearning of discovering new sights and seeing the world together.

8. Traveling creates excitement

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Studies have shown time and again that doing something new can reignite the spark and excitement in a relationship, especially if it has mellowed down over time. Shaking things up, from doing something completely out of character like bungee jumping, or climbing a mountain can definitely spice up a relationship, because new activities bring both of you an adrenaline rush. And trust us, it’s a high you wouldn’t want to get off of.

7. Traveling builds trust

When you travel, you and your partner trust each other with certain responsibilities: who is booking the flight, who’s making the reservations, who’s handling the budget and who’s committed to waking the other up at 6AM every day just to get a headstart in sight-seeing, among a lot of other tasks you can agree on. Because of this, you learn to trust the other that they won’t screw up in their tasks, for your travel experience to go as smoothly as possible. This trust also channels itself in different parts of your relationship.

6. You don’t sweat the small stuff

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Of course, not everything will go perfectly– the hotel suddenly got overbooked, a piece of luggage got lost somewhere along the way, or you missed the train ride over to the next town. The longer you’ve been traveling, the more patient you get about these mishaps because you learn that sometimes, no matter how well you plan a trip, something will go in a way you didn’t plan to. Rather than bicker endlessly about every single detail that went awry, you learn to smile, laugh about it and find ways to improvise– the same way you would in your own relationship.

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