7 Types Of Guys You Will Meet In Your Life

Fact: we’re suckers for love. We LOVE romantic comedies because we love the feeling of finding someone and falling in love with that person. And so in the search to find our own Mr. Right, we go through a couple of detours and missteps– even going through some really weird dates!!

7 types of guys

Because really, there’s someone for everyone, and not every guy will be for you. But it’s after the long chase and you find the one, that you realize that the journey was worth it. Whether you’ve reached the end of the race, or you’re still somewhere along the way, we take a look at the 7 types of guys you will meet in your life. #DadatingDinYan

7 Types Of Guys You Will Meet In Your Life

7. The Best Friend

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You know this guy: The guy who will be waiting at your doorstep, bright and early at 7AM for that McDo breakfast run you talked about the night before, the one who’s always available the moment you text “Wru?” because you’re going to rant yet again about your annoying classmate or co-worker who said something snide to you earlier in the day, and an instant fake boyfriend to link arms with the moment you see your crush or ex at the mall… kung bakit hindi nalang totohanin ang lahat. You love him for sure, but as a brother… let’s just hope it’s the same for him as well.


6. Mr. Paasa

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He texts you “Kamusta? :)” and your heart jumps a little bit… at 1 in the morning. Just conveniently after he changed his Facebook from “In A Relationship” to “Single”, 5 minutes before. But somehow, you choose to ignore this red flag, simply because you’ve always had a thing for him before, but he was always somehow never available…and now he is! Aside from a few flirty texts and tweets, those seemingly harmless invites of “Coffee naman tayo sometime! :)” never materialize. The moment you DO manage to score a date with him, he’s intent on keeping things casual because “he’s not ready for anything serious yet” but he “enjoys spending time with you!”… Until the time comes that you never hear from him again… except for another status update a month later that he’s gotten back together with his ex. E di wow.


5. The One Who Got Away

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The guy who was almost too good to be true and swept you off your feet and made you feel like believing in forever, who for some reason, does not exist in your life at the present moment. Perhaps you broke up because of an issue that is now history and you would give anything to get back together, or your relationship had just run its course and both of you parted ways. Maybe it’s a guy you almost spent forever with, only for things to fizzle out. Sometimes you wonder if he really was the one, but all you can do is reminisce past memories and fantasize about several what-ifs.


4. Mr. Suntok Sa Buwan

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He’s amazing at basketball, has abs that are cut from steel, was student council president, valedictorian of his class, and now has an amazing career ahead of him. Only thing is… he doesn’t know you exist. Or he does, but he gets your name wrong at times, to which he politely smiles (and makes you melt) and says sorry. Of course, he has a supermodel-esque girlfriend with the same pedigree as his. Sometimes, we never really outgrow schoolgirl crushes on those guys that we know are perfectly out of our league. Lord, kahit one date lang please. Still, a girl can dream, can’t she? Titig pa more.

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