5 Stages of Having a Crush on Someone

Having a crush can be such a thrilling, enjoyable experience, but for those who were caught off guard, those who weren’t expecting at all… it can also come with feelings of agony, confusion and pure torture. But ah, we’re human, and so we find ourselves in that inevitable crossfire of hormones and attraction… not to mention that having crushes is completely normal!! #PagTinamaanNgaNaman

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Sometimes, crushes become the first step towards love, or sometimes they just fizzle out. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the journey that comes with it!

So whether you’re going through these stages or you simply remember what it feels like to have a crush, it’s normally not an instant process that happens. Here are the 5 stages we go through when we have a crush on someone!

5 Stages of Having a Crush on Someone

5. The “Kalabit”

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You know this feeling: you wake up one morning, and you go on with your day like you normally do, and nothing can go wrong. Your routine goes on as it should, and then it happens– by the corner of your eye, you catch something–someone– you haven’t noticed before. Your heart skips a beat, para kang kinalabit, as if to say: “Hey, pay attention to this person. They’re special.”

And then this person passes by you, and time slows down. Maybe you’ve never seen this person before, or maybe you have, but today there’s just something different about them. Maybe it’s a new scent, or you suddenly took notice of how their brown and deep their eyes look, how the corners of their lips turn upwards to form a smile. You’re taken away, mesmerized. You think about how your heart skipped a beat. You try to calm yourself and go on with the rest of the day– baka nagulat ka lang. Or baka may arrythmia ka na (GG: Google mo, gorgeous). You think about going to the doctor to have your heart checked. But ultimately you resolve to ignore it. Until it happens the next day. And the next after that.


4. The Denial

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Every day turns into sort of a torture for you– every time this new “someone” — let’s call them PA, or Person of Attention– passes by, there goes the same kalabit feeling again, during the most unexpected of times. It happens too often that you’re worried it might turn into a heart attack. And this is without saying a word to you. Oh, but when they do decide to talk, it’s much, much worse. Your heart races so much faster than it normally does, not even while jogging. They’re not even that cute — mas cute pa si Alden Richards/Yaya Dub. They’ve even got that weird dimple just underneath the eye that shows itself only when they smile– I mean, what’s up with that?!

For whatever reason, this person’s presence alone just happens to bother you. Along with the rest of the things they do, even when they’re not directed towards you. How dare this person make you feel this way?! Nananahimik ka lang sa isang tabi, ginugulo ka pa. While from afar. Kainis!


3.  The Endless Thinking

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You wake up in the middle of the night, panting– they showed up in your dream. An unexpected intruder into the most private of realms, your dreams. As if bothering you during your waking hours wasn’t enough! And now, you find yourself tossing and turning in your bed, restless, as the image of their face– their eyes, their smile– won’t erase itself from your mind. Why did you dream of them? Somewhere along the way your mind drifts off to wondering what that person was doing at that particular moment as well– were they tossing and turning in bed as well? Or were they sound asleep, completely oblivious to the mental turbulence you were going through right now?

Over the next few days, your mind also wanders to thoughts of them– how they looked in that plaid shirt they came in today, what their favorite sandwich was… you better hope they’re not tired yet because they’ve been running through your mind the entire week now.


2. The “Stalker Mode”

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Okay, so now, you’re curious, and like any other human being who’s “interested”, you do the next big step– look up their social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, the works. Taken na ba? Baka naman heartbroken. Why the heck is my high school batchmate mutual friends with them?! Oh look, what a lovely photo of Tokyo. So “Person of Attention” likes to travel. Has dogs too. Doesn’t seem like they’re dating anyone… and your heart jumps slightly at this realization.

Suddenly, you know their favorite TV shows, the bands they listen to, and where they went to grab dinner last Friday night. Now, going on Facebook just isn’t the same anymore without a quick browse on where they last checked in on Foursquare. You know… just in case!


1. The Falling

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The endless thinking and borderline obsessive social media-stalking clearly isn’t just casual… you’ve been hit by Cupid’s arrow, and you’ve been hit HARD. At least you can finally admit to yourself that the Person of Attention is, in fact, a crush.

The next day comes, and your crush walks by, and manages to give you a smile. Your heart jumps again. Why does that smile have to be so darn cute?!

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While most of your questions have been answered, there’s one left: “Does my crush like me back?” How you’re going to find out, is completely up to you!

And hey, who knows– if you guys end up together, you can travel together to keep the love alive!

Got any more stages to add when having a crush on someone? Any unforgettable crush moments? Share with us using the hashtag #PagTinamaanNgaNaman!