We got the story behind the viral photo of Chinese tourists using the street as a public bathroom

A Facebook post about what appears to be a group of Chinese tourists recently went viral. The photo shows a woman standing over a child as she ‘goes potty’ on the public street. Facebook users assume the pair to be mother-daughter although this is unconfirmed. Regardless of their relationship, it’s pretty clear what the child is doing.

Bj Carreon, who took the photo, said he believed the two to be part of a tour group. His caption (loosely translated to English) reads:

The filthiness of some Chinese tourists (they were in a tour group I think and they were all shouting to each other in their own language) here at MOA seaside… haaay. There were guards around, but they didn’t care. How annoying, if only I wasn’t taking care of my grandmother, I would have approached them to tell them off.

And to other Filipinos who are just as dirty, how does it feel when other nationalities are the ones littering and making a mess in the country?”



We talked to Bj to get the full story behind the photo. According to him, this took place at Mall of Asia seaside, near the area with a fountain and food stalls. It seemed obvious they were a group of Chinese tourists since they were all shouting to each other in a language that sounded like Chinese, he says. It’s possible that the woman cleaned up after the child or threw any mess that was left, but he wasn’t around to see it, if so.

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Reddit users have also been arguing if there is anything wrong with the act. Some say it is cultural, since in China parents are still used to letting their children use the streets as bathrooms. It might be that they weren’t aware of social norms here in the Philippines. Others also argue that we can’t expect these tourists to behave strictly when even Filipinos tend to pee in public places.

Do you think we should be condemning the people in the photo? Share your side with us in the comments!