We Asked Filipino Dads About Their Favorite Disney Princess And Here’s What They Said

Disney princesses have been the trend lately because of the premiere of Beauty and The Beast’s live-action remake. Some of us are feeling nostalgic with the childhood memories that the film brings back. Others just straight-on want to become a Disney princess.

Disney princessQuick Illustration by Lem Abron

When you ask a girl about her favorite Disney princess, she’ll probably be able to answer right away. Ask a mom about her favorite Disney princess, and you probably won’t even think twice about it.

But where are dads in this topic? They shouldn’t be excluded from this “Disney Princess” narrative. After all, they’re the ones who teach little girls what it means to be treated like a princess.

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So, I decided to ask Filipino dads about their favorite Disney princess. Here are the princesses that are Dad-approved:

mulanQuick Illustration by Lem Abron

5. Mulan

“If Mulan is included, she is my favorite: she is strong and ‘upholds her family’s honor’. Next is Belle of Beauty and the Beast: ‘Can anyone love a beast?'”
(Ramon del Valle, father of three; and also my dad~)

“Mulan because she reminds me of my daughters.”
(Edward Mayo, father of 4)

Mulan would definitely have a place in our dads’ hearts. She’s not your typical female protagonist in a Disney film.

She saved China! What more is there to say?

belleQuick Illustration by Lem Abron

4. Belle

“Probably Belle of Beauty and the Beast. Aside from her name resembles with my wife, she represents my wife as well as she tames the beast in me.”
(Erick Tria, father of 4)

“Belle because of her response to life’s difficulties, how she relates to those who are different, not judging people from the outside and facing life’s odd moments how she was able to manage facing it.”
(Alex de Venecia, father of 1)

“Belle because she is unique. She’s the only princess with a brain.”
(Joe Chris Madarang, father of 3)

Belle is clearly one of the ultimate dad-favorites. Many fathers like her because she teaches kids to look beyond someone’s physical appearance and that it’s the inside that counts.

3. Cinderella

“Cinderella because she was held back by the two ugly stepsisters but she still didn’t give up on being herself.”
(a father of 1)

Cinderella is also a princess worthy of a spot on this list. She teaches kids to be kind, forgiving, and hardworking! Dads would certainly want Cinderella to teach a thing or two to the children.

snowwhiteQuick Illustration by Lem Abron

2. Snow White

“Snow White because she has a kind heart and she’s beautiful.”
(June Busque, father of 3)

Snow White is such a classic Disney princess. She was the first full-length animated Disney film. That’s how old Snow White is.

She truly had a kind heart. Plus, she cleans the whole house!

1. Moana

“Moana because of her purpose in life and determination.”
(Ross Resuello, father of 4)

The latest addition to the Disney princesses definitely deserves a spot on this list. She’s a real fighter. Although not a fighter in the same terms as Mulan, she’s a great example of determination of perseverance. She teaches kids to fight for what they believe in and to follow their life’s true purpose.

Of course, there’s a whole lot more of Disney princesses that other dads would love for one reason or another. It’s because Disney princesses just have those characteristics that make all of them lovable.

What about your Dad? Who is his favorite Disney princess? Let us know in the comments below!

(Answers were edited for length and clarity)