WATCH: This Video Perfectly Shows How Laid-Back Baguio Life Is

Baguio life is so different from how it is here in Manila. I should know because I stayed there for four years before finally moving in the metro. As my college professors once said, “Leave Manila before it makes your heart hard and leave Baguio before it makes your heart soft.” It’s one of the few statements that really makes sense even up to now.

In Baguio, it’s okay to be vulnerable, to be tired, and to be human. Resting is necessary and you won’t feel guilty if you do so. It’s a place where the future can wait and all that matters is now – whatever it is that you’re doing and whoever it is you’re with. Things are not rushed and it doesn’t feel like you’re always running out of time. You can actually enjoy your meals while they’re hot and my goodness, you get to indulge on real food without the hefty price tag while knowing that you’re supporting a family business or someone’s dream. Coffee is good but it is best paired with a book or with a friendly conversation. People love walking and biking but riding the cab isn’t so bad because most, if not all, drivers are honest to the point that they’ll return hundreds of thousands worth of belongings and even up to a single peso. People love nature and damn, they do care a lot about trees and places that have been there for a long time. In Baguio, culture is valued, art is important, and happiness is of the essence.

Get a glimpse of how laid-back and low-key Baguio life is through this amazing video by Nomadic Mike.

So yes, if you have the luxury and courage to do so, believe me, it doesn’t require much, please consider living in Baguio even for just a couple of months. Trust me, Baguio is so much more beyond its weather.

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