READ: 5 Online Jobs That Will Help You Achieve The “Work From Beach” Lifestyle

Are you tired of sitting in the same old cubicle for 9 hours every single workday? Do you wish you can just skip the heavy traffic and all the hassle that comes with commuting to and from your work place? Are you dreaming of quitting your 9 to 5 job and do something else that will allow you to have more freedom while still earning good money?

Honey, you are not the only one. But hey, if you really feel like the traditional corporate job set-up is no longer for you, here are five online jobs that will help you achieve the work from beach or anywhere you want lifestyle.

5. Social Media Management

Yes, you can actually get paid for spending time on social media. You’ll be doing it for brands but it’s basically the same thing – you connect and communicate with people. Daily tasks include answering inquiries, replying to comments, and content creation.


4. Marketing Consultancy

Do you have marketing skills up your sleeves? Great! You can be a consultant for a couple of brands who are just starting up or need an overhaul. Usual tasks include creating marketing strategies and polishing or revamping branding elements.

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3. Writing

You can produce a wide variety of content from research articles, blog write-ups, scripts and even copies for advertising purposes. The best thing is that you can earn per hour, make your own schedule, and even get as many clients as you can handle.

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2. Graphic Design

To be honest, creatives don’t really belong in boring environments. Isn’t creating visual concepts better when you’re in a more inspiring space? You can work on different projects and campaigns, such as design for websites, ad materials, and product packaging to name a few.

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1. Work for When in Manila

If you can do the things listed above, then you can totally work for us too! Be it content writing, graphic design or video editing, you’ll surely love the no-physical-office set-up. As long as you have a decent internet connection and skills for these positions, you’re good to go. Read more about our job openings here.

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Remember, if you’re no longer happy doing what you usually do, it’s time to reconsider everything. We know that the transition is not going to be easy but we promise, it will be worth it.

Do you have anything to add to the list? Tell us in the comments!