READ: 5 Thoughts Every Metro Manila Commuter Has

With the notorious Metro Manila traffic and all the hours spent inside cramped and barely moving vehicles, it’s not really surprising that the minds of commuters wander. I mean, when you are standing inside the bus for more than 2 hours or trying to push your way inside the public train, you have got to entertain yourself, right?

And so, here are 5 thoughts that have surely entered the mind of every Metro Manila commuter like you while commuting to and from work.

5. “Kelan kaya ako magreretire?”

Whether you have been working for an x number of years or have just recently graduated and is on your way to your first job, the heavy traffic would really make you think about quitting retiring so you won’t have to face the hassle of commuting every single day. 

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4. “Kung kasama ang commute sa OT pay, mayaman na ko”

Realizing that you have been spending a whole lot of time being stuck in traffic somewhere along EDSA, you would start to think that if only the hours commuting are part of the overtime pay, you’d be rich by now.

3. “Magbe-break din kayo”

For some reason, there is always this young couple who are way too affectionate to each other every single time you take the bus. We know that you are itching to tell them the classic line, “walang forever” – well, except Metro Manila traffic.

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2. “Not sure if sketchy siya or mahilig lang sa black”

Of course, there are times that you are also overly conscious of your environment that you feel like that guy wearing an all black outfit is so sketchy. We understand. You’re not being judgmental, just cautious.

1. “Ilang oras na lang kaya tulog ko?”

When it feels like you’ve been stuck in traffic for what seems like forever and have had too many thoughts that you can’t even remember, you then start looking at your watch to calculate how much time you have left for sleeping. Well, better make sure to subtract another hour for browsing through social media while in bed.

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Can you relate to these?  Share your thoughts in the comments!


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